Holidays are NOT Coming...

  Z1100 14:51 13 Dec 2006

So I sent this to 'Coke'

I am totally not impressed with whichever idiot thought it would be clever to change the seasonal advert this year. EVERYONE in my Family and Friends circle, and I do mean everyone, know that advert. In fact it is a 'contest' to see who sees the advert 1st every year. I hate 99% of adverts. The 'Holidays are Coming' advert is not one of them. To not air that advert this year is not big and not clever and now the holidays will not come. Coke!, It is your fault that the holidays are now not coming, sort it out.

I would normally say Kind Regards and Seasons Greetings but I don't feel benevolent for some reason. Oh, and if you are not the person to shout at, forward the e-mail to the one who is.

Thanks for reading,


Well it made me feel batter... :P

  rezeeg 14:55 13 Dec 2006

Not been snorting , have you?

  anskyber 15:02 13 Dec 2006

I wish I only had your worries.

  Watchful 15:12 13 Dec 2006

Me too! Life would be a dream.

  Apron 15:24 13 Dec 2006
  Z1100 16:08 13 Dec 2006

Good Link, I can use that.

Snorting, no, well only in my sleep. shhh.


  Forum Editor 17:36 13 Dec 2006

1. Referring to the Coca Cola marketing director as an "idiot" is both offensive and silly, and unlikely to influence their thinking in any way whatsoever. Your pushy, rather aggressive tone should ensure that your letter is either binned, or goes straight to the file marked "standard 'pretend to be interested' response".

2. The fact that you seem to attach so much importance to a TV ad is a rather worrying sign.

3. You might not know that when Coca Cola first screened the 'Holidays are coming' ad they were inundated with irate phone calls and letters of complaint from parents who said they were undermining the concept of Santa Claus. It was dreadfully contentious, and only the fact that it had cost the company a small fortune to make persuaded them to run it for a second year.

4. You'll work through your grief, and in time the pain will subside.

  Cymro. 17:55 13 Dec 2006

Come off it F.E. since when are you so concerned about Coca Cola and their marketing director. As you say they will only bin the thing anyway.

AS for Z1100 being silly, pushy, aggressive etc. His posting is no worse than many on this forum and before you say it I include some of my postings in that.

  rodriguez 18:18 13 Dec 2006

click here - you can watch it this year as well if you want. :-D

  Mr Mistoffelees 18:31 13 Dec 2006

Really do need to get out more!

  Z1100 18:41 13 Dec 2006

Do you believe that I believe they will even read let alone respond or even change what they do because I e-mail them?

If I did believe that then I would surely book a bed in the loony bin, again.

I do however believe that free speech is just that. Free speech, we all have it and I am passionate about that advert. More that I should be? Well no more that a football supporter and his chosen team. I remember well the ‘Turnip Head’ headline in the Sun and there are plenty more demonstrations of ‘offensive’ Free Speech. I think I am safe with mine, endearing? No. Safe? Yes.

I doubt my grief will ever subside, I might have to get an Attorney to file for cruel and unusual punishment on my behalf… That would be funny…


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