Holiday Inn-Struggling!

  Uboat 14:28 14 Dec 2009

One of my best friends works at the Holiday Inn at Swindon click here
They had a "Emergency Meeting! a few days ago & all the staff was asked if they would work TWO MONTHS without pay! & they could be more "Ask's" in the VERY near future like this from the manager, there jobs are NOT safe & yet the manager keeps his £50K wage.? Mmmm

  Quickbeam 14:57 14 Dec 2009

I'd take up begging before that option!

  interzone55 15:28 14 Dec 2009

We've all been asked twice this year to take unpaid leave.

2 weeks in the first half year and 2 weeks in the second half year.

I said on both occasions that I'm not paid enough to afford to take unpaid leave. I'm fairly sure the bank & car finance companies would be extremely unwilling to take a couple of months with me not handing over the cash due...

  jack 15:32 14 Dec 2009

is a Franchise- A locally own hotel under the HI banner- like Wimpy, MacDonald's, Car Rental firms.
So is this a little local difficulty?

  Uboat 15:45 14 Dec 2009

jack no its not a Franchise there all owned by intercontinental hotels. btw the staff are all in dire straits about if they have a job after xmas.? the thing is in the uk there is so many new hotels offering rates like £40/£50 per night with FREE WI-Fi whereas the holiday inn at swindon DONT have free wi-fi & there much more expensive see this link for todays price! click here

Compaired with

click here

Its just so obvious what there issue is! & the swindon Holiday inn is VERY worn out looking! i really feel for the staff!

  Snec 16:56 14 Dec 2009

Speaking as an ex-company manager I cannot understand how any management of any company, of any size, can muster up the gall to ask people to work for nothing. Why should they? It just amazes me!

If in exchange the people could be guaranteed solid work for the following twelve months that would be a different question entirely.

  Cymro. 17:17 14 Dec 2009

Yes indeed I agree completely
but then if these workers should dare to go out on strike they would be criticised for doing so.

  jack 18:02 14 Dec 2009

Is the local 'owner' is tied to the parent company for all its operations, so that food supplies say[Wimpy.Mcdonalds] have to come from home source - otherwise they are in breach.
So it is likely the local owner would love to update, but cannot because the update has to confirm to a package that is overpriced- and local firms could do as well but cheaper.
Like wise room pricing is controlled so that newer cheaper places can walk over HI and the local man is hands tied - so no bookings.

  morddwyd 19:28 14 Dec 2009

"gal to ask people to work for nothing"

And yet I'm sure we've all met people who quite proudly say they are too busy at work to take all their holidays.

I always used to say "You might as well sign a cheque to the company for two weeks salary"!

  Condom 20:19 14 Dec 2009

You have my sympathy but unfortunately as others have intimated the staff are between a rock and a hard place. Holiday Inn in the USA are great cheap places to stay but like all accommodation in the UK prices are off the wall. I can stay in a 5* hotel in Bangkok for what this place charges for a night and I'm confident it doesn't have a fraction of the facilities I get there.

Hotel staff in the UK are normally foreign and paid peanuts yet the hotels still charge high prices. Something is wrong somewhere and I have a feeling that it is going to be prety miserable for lots of hotel staff while some sort of rationalisation is taking place. I should imagine that for many of these staff keeping a free roof over their head may well come into their thinking and the manager probably knows that.

  spuds 22:32 14 Dec 2009

and basically thats what its all about. Those that have the most, want more. And those that have very little will just try to struggle on what they have. Things have never changed thoughout time, and they never will.

This evening I was watching the Panorama program on television, that was investigating the activities of the Royal Mail, and how thats being run. No wonder people are getting very discouraged in life.

Who says the meek shall inherit the earth?.

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