kiddgame2000 09:57 29 Aug 2006

Im heading to turkey soon on holiday and all those who are going are coming over to my house on thursday night, i was wondering if anyone knows of any good films set in turkey or about turkey that would help to get us in the mood.

Please try and refrain from suggesting films about the animal we all love to eat at christmas.


  johndere 11:07 29 Aug 2006

"Please try and refrain from suggesting films about the animal we all love to eat at christmas"

  Kate B 13:10 29 Aug 2006

I suggest you give Midnight Express a wide berth ;)

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:14 29 Aug 2006

You may wish to check the Foreign Office travel site as they are suggesting that it may not be a terribly good idea to go at the moment.


  Sethhaniel 15:34 29 Aug 2006

click here
some pictures ;)

  kiddgame2000 16:11 29 Aug 2006

Thanks everyone.

Gandalf, im of the opinion if i get blown up i get blown up, i have more chance of getting killed in a car accident than in a terrorist bomb yet i still drive all the time.

You can't let these people mess things up, im going to turkey next week and its going to take all out nuclear war to stop me.

  Forum Editor 18:25 29 Aug 2006


This is from the Foreign office, as of today:

"On 28 August 2006, a series of explosions in the Aegean coastal resort of Marmaris and the Mediterranean resort of Antalya resulted in a number of casualties. In Marmaris, 21 people were injured including 10 British nationals. In Antalya, initial reports suggest three dead and up to 30 injured; foreign nationals were amongst the wounded. On 27 August 2006, an explosion in the Istanbul suburb of Bagcilar (European side) left six people injured; no foreign nationals were involved. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office has set up a dedicated telephone number for people concerned about relatives: Tel (+44) 0207 008 0000.

There is a high threat from terrorism in Turkey. We believe that international terrorist groups, as well as indigenous ones, are currently active in Turkey. Further attacks, including in tourist areas, could well occur."

I'm all for a degree of defiance in the face of terrorism, but deliberately travelling to an area where UK tourists have been seriously injured in terrorist bomb attacks within the past 48 hours strikes me as just plain foolish.

I wonder how the British people currently lying injured in hospital feel about "You can't let these people mess things up".

  kiddgame2000 23:44 29 Aug 2006

Im not "delibertely" travelling there i have had this trip planned for months and im not for letting these people mess it up. I have every simpathy for those people lying in hospital but not going just gives a victory to the people who gave them their injuries. Its not me being bloody minded or saying "We'll fight them on the beaches" but i firmly believe that the best way to beat these people is to just get on with our daily lives.

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