A hoarder or a slinger?

  Diemmess 12:42 21 Feb 2007

Do you keep it in case it is useful?

A current thread
click here deals with out of date computers, but I mean anything from bits of string to broken objects which may be useful for their material.

I suspect DIY'ers will hoard, while those to whom any task is better left to the professionals, will bin anything they no longer use.

I used to think it was my WWII childhood and nearly 10 years afterwards before DIY shops began to emerge that set my tendency to hoard, but my brother is a slinger.

Three of my four offspring are slingers, but the fourth follows his father's habits. Well, almost.

  Spark6 14:34 21 Feb 2007

Most definitely. Someone once told me that everything will come in useful once every seven years. Some of my 'bits and pieces' are over 40 years old so I reckon I've disproved that theory.

Seriously, in some households it's impossible to find a suitable woodscrew, piece of timber, plumbing fitting, light bulb etc. One of my new neighbours recently asked me if there was anything that was NOT in my garage!!

  n4165si 14:36 21 Feb 2007

a hoarder i'm afraid, i'm a sucker for saying it will come in useful one day,it sometimes happens, but not often .

  MichelleC 15:18 21 Feb 2007

I'm both. I used to be a hoarder but now ask myself 'have I used it in the last year?' and then throw as required.

Except for clothes and shoes that is.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:25 21 Feb 2007

As in the previous thread...I keep nothing more than a year if it is not used/displayed. A garage is for a car, washing machine and fridge freezer not a warehouse and I do not see the point in saving a garage full of stuff when you only need 3 woodscrews a year......B&Q and Focus evolved for this reason.

The advantages of not hoarding are that I do not go around in old rags nor do I spend vast amounts on cupboards/drawers/shelves or use valuable space that could be an office, for the 'pleasure' of saving £10 a year...life is too short for that and too short for clinging onto the past or hoarding for a slight possibility of use in the future.

A good friend of mine lives in a nearby village and in the grounds of his house he has a 4 car garage.....with a room over the top. It is stuffed to the rafters with bits of wood and knackered old push bikes. The room over the top is nearly 1000 sq.ft. and is stuffed with old ironing boards and general crud. If this was a property and in the village you would be looking at £400k....even as a holiday home you could get £1000/week in the height of the season and £600 out of season. He used about £20 of wood last year from the garage and nothing else was touched, just added to. So a £400k building which could have yielded £40k/annum is used to save him £20......even a dimwit can see the failed logic in this.

Hoarding is an illness.


  Diemmess 15:26 21 Feb 2007

You can't be a hoarder if you adopt the 1 year rule.
The times I have realised I saved that square hole and springe pin from years ago........ and then can't find where I put it.
Mind you, real hoarders have several, none of which actually fit.

  johndrew 15:39 21 Feb 2007

`A good friend of mine ......`

Ahh yes, and when the Antiques Roadshow comes around he is most likely to be the one with items to be sold at Sotherbys for a small fortune!!!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:38 21 Feb 2007

You are mixing the phrases 'knackered old rubbish' and 'slightly distressed craftmans' piece'. I had to clear out my mothers' attic last year; it is large and it was full. I can assure you that Singer sewing machines, old curtains, Creda irons and decrepit Hoovers do not fetch much on the open market. Never fall into the Antiques Roadshow Syndrome where people think that everything old is worth something.....many Antiques Dealers have become rich from this belief.


  Kate B 16:38 21 Feb 2007

Reasonably good at slinging stuff out - I apply a two-year rule to clothes and have regular purges of stuff.

  Zero G 17:04 21 Feb 2007

A Hoarder of PC items.
As for other things if it's broken or out of date i chuck it.

  Spark6 17:10 21 Feb 2007

After reading the posts so far, who are the most content, the slingers or the hoarders? I personally have no worries regarding my hoarding. Possibly a case of waste not, want not.

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