History Has Been Made

  crosstrainer 05:29 05 Nov 2008

Well, it's done and dusted, and America now has it's first Black President. If you had asked any bookmaker / political pundit what the chances of this happening were, you would have had a definite "None"

I hope that the incoming President lives up to the enormous challenges ahead, and wish him all the luck in the world (he will need it)

  Quickbeam 06:36 05 Nov 2008

The euphoria that is sweeping America at the moment is the same feeling of new hope for the future that we had when Tony Blair won in '97 and look what we think of the years of New Labour now.

He's just another American President... Time will tell if he's any good.

  Bingalau 08:05 05 Nov 2008

Isn't he also a Muslim by religion? That in itself may improve the relations between the USA and the Muslim countries.

  smartpoly 08:34 05 Nov 2008

He is not actually ‘black’ he is mixed race, we would call him half-caste. In the US anything that is slightly off white is called ‘black’ but if he was full negro untainted black with an African/Caribbean accent he would not have stood a chance.

Good luck to him.

  JanetO 08:49 05 Nov 2008

He's got a hell of a mess to clean up. That's why Bush had no real contenders the last time and he got in again because no one of any substance wanted the job. Hope springs eternal.

  newman35 09:46 05 Nov 2008

It may be interesting to see what happens to Sarah Palin, now.

Will she remain as a possible future Presidential candidate or will there be too many Republicans who will lay much of the blame on her and she'll never challenge again?
Remember her "..maybe in 8 years." in the prank phone call.

  Snec 09:49 05 Nov 2008

Good point!

  dagnammit 11:36 05 Nov 2008

His Dad is/was a Muslim but he was brought up a Christian.

I found it funny with a lot of people asking was he related to Saddam because of the name Hussein, ie. Obama's middle name and Saddam's surname.

...Americans :0 well done on voting the best man in though!!!! :)

  sunnystaines 12:23 05 Nov 2008

i think it was an anti bush vote as opposed to a pro obama vote. I think the world may be a lot safer now. He did not come across too savvy [neither did mccain] just hope he has good team of advisors.

  Cymro. 12:59 05 Nov 2008

I would just love to be a fly on the wall to hear just what some of the more extreme right wing politicians in America have to say about it all, or even better still some of the members of the Ku Klux Klan.

  LastChip 13:07 05 Nov 2008

watching his victory speech, I was impressed.

He is a very persuasive orator and could prove to be an absolutely brilliant President.

If he can get the people of the United States behind him, I would not want to be standing in the way of a steamroller that could reshape the World.

I wish him every possible piece of luck and success. Right now, the World needs a strong leader and you may just be looking at one.

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