Hiroshima Anniversary

  morddwyd 10:05 06 Aug 2010

The 65th anniversary of Hiroshima and no doubt there'll be the usual soul searching and recriminations.

While remembering the tens of thousands who died, as one who was alive at the time all I can remember is a tremendous feeling of relief, which I still feel.

Those who genuinely feel it was barbaric, and I know there are many, should reflect on the barbarism resulting from a yard by yard fight up the Japanese mainland.

  egapup 10:15 06 Aug 2010

Got to remember they started it, just like the Germans, so they reaped the whirlwind.

  Quickbeam 10:37 06 Aug 2010

I'm currently reading 'Band of Brigands', which is about the first tanks in the Great War. At the time this new killing machine was just as devastating at killing people efficiently as the later nuclear weapons were.

But as morddwyd's statement says, "reflect on the barbarism resulting from a yard by yard fight", that was also the reason to develop something to end the over the top slaughters of the day then.

Nothing's changed much, we'll be even more efficient now if we ever unleash the West's WMD arsenal.

  zzzz999 09:09 07 Aug 2010

Japan had already offered surrender in December 45, their only condition was that they retained their emperor. The Allies refused, we committed two acts of genocide and Japan unconditionally surrendered. What did the allies agree to, the retention of the Emperor.

As for the argument about the use of tanks in WW1, they were used on a battlefield not dropped indiscriminately on a civilian population.

  zzzz999 09:15 07 Aug 2010
  egapup 10:53 07 Aug 2010

I wouldn't feel too sorry for Japan and it's civilians, you need to read about the rape of Nanking and the atrocities they commited eveywhere they went, including against POW's.

  jakimo 13:17 07 Aug 2010

just a reminder that Japan although forewarned didn't surrender until after the second bomb was dropped.

We had our share of the indiscriminate bombing of civilians by Germany,no fun sleeping in an air-raid shelter every night with bombs exploding around you

  daytimers82 17:08 07 Aug 2010

and eating rations

  karmgord 19:20 07 Aug 2010

Ultimately probably saved live on both sides as Japan would have fought to the end,just look how they defended the Islands.
Some say that the second bomb was dropped to show Russia not too mess with the West when carving up post war Germany,there was a real possibility of Russia fighting the West over the spoils.

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