High Earners to lose Child Benefit

  wids001 08:00 04 Oct 2010

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Reckoned to save £1billion. Certainly won't affect me, in fact when my children were young we never got a penny for the first born - those were the days.

  Quickbeam 08:36 04 Oct 2010

It's the thin end of a mighty wedge that needs to be driven deep into the pockets of the lifestyle benefit claimants. That's where a lot more than a measly £billion can be saved from. And yes that will hurt, some will have to question how much they continue to spend on beer, fags and the bookies with the benefits that I pay for...

  onthelimit 09:16 04 Oct 2010

What seems a little unfair is a couple who's individual salaries are (say) 30K each will still get it whereas those where the sole earner is over 44K will not.

  Mr Mistoffelees 09:54 04 Oct 2010

"What seems a little unfair is a couple who's individual salaries are (say) 30K each will still get it whereas those where the sole earner is over 44K will not."

They say that doing as they are planning is the easiest way without resorting to means testing. Keeping it simple will also save a lot of money.

As I see it this is a change that is long overdue. Next they can stop cold weather payments to people who choose to go and spend their retirement in warmer countries, like Spain.

  wids001 10:00 04 Oct 2010


No doubt that's a loophole that'll be closed.


As a pensioner who, along with my wife, are both disabled and in receipt of various benefits, I cannot see how people can qet away with these fraudulant claims year after year after year.

Each year, without fail, me and the wife receive tomes of paperwork to fill in to enable the benefits we get to continue. Any error I make, and I make quite a few, are always jumped on and checks are made. Last year we had our benefits frozen after I inadvertantly added a zero to the amount of old age pension I receive each week!

  sunnystaines 10:12 04 Oct 2010

why has it been delayed so long? why not bring it in a couple of months.

anyone know how much the gov'ment has reduced the nat debt so since they came it.

i get the impression what they have saved has been spent in extra overseas aid ad not gone into debt reduction.

  jack 10:18 04 Oct 2010

Have over the years become too complex and muddled because as with most bureaucracy amendments are layered upon amendments rather that starting over with a clean slate.
As I understood it child benefit was paid to everyone and then taken as earned income and 'taxed out' according the individual earnings status.
Is this not so?

  johndrew 10:39 04 Oct 2010

I agree with the cut in benefits for those earning the types of sums reported. But would also like to see child benefit only given for the first two children - this would reduce the number of families where a large number of children are used as a form of income.

We should also adopt the French attitude to payments made to immigrants - none until an individual has been in gainful employment and paid taxes for six months. This again would act as a deterrent to those who treat our country as a haven for free-loaders.

Both of the above would have knock-on benefits in that the load on the NHS and Border Control services would be reduced.

  john bunyan 10:45 04 Oct 2010

Re winter fuel payments. These have more or less become part of the "Old age pension", and the UK has a very low State pension compared with other EU countries. I get a slightly lower OAP as I had , I think, 39 contributing years (worked abroad for a while), not 44. This is now down to 30 years, but those on the old system still get a lower OAP, so my cosience is clear re winter fuel payments.May be administatively easier to include it with OAP and look at pension credits for the needy.

  Proclaimer 11:06 04 Oct 2010

Can't understand why Child Benefit is paid out at all, to any one. If you can't afford kids you shouldn't be having them in the first place.

  Uboat 11:07 04 Oct 2010

This should be brought forwards to 2011 NOT another two years! save the billions NOW! spend it in schools/new businesses etc...

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