Hi David !

  Dragon_Heart 00:44 30 May 2015

Yes I looking at you @ No 10.

I would like to introduce to you a smallish group of people of all ages and backgrounds that save the UK £ Billions per year.

There are currently seven million in this UK group alone– that is one in ten people. This is rising and it is estimated that figure will increase by 3.4 million by 2045. Almost 1.3 million are over 65 years young ... and talking of young almost 300,000 are aged 16 to 24. Over 50% of this group have been forced to borrow money to help do their job.

The economic value of the contribution made by this hardworking group in the UK is £119bn per year. That's over 17 billion hours @ the minimum wage of £6.70 per hour. They get paid just under £270 per month yet if they were paid at the minimum wage for the hours may worked they would get almost twice that ! Almost 35% don't claim state benefits.

Who are these group of wonderful people you may ask. well over your past 5 years in No 10 you have managed to do more to alienate this group from the rest of the general public. You have been, and I understand will continue to do so, in this next 5 years committed to reduce their wages even more.

Would you like to meet some of them face to face, most would like to meet you to give you a 'piece of their mind'.

Oh sorry have I not said who these wonderful people are ?

They are carers !!!!

  wee eddie 01:15 30 May 2015

Before you get too political. Remember how much the previous politicans did for you.

  wee eddie 11:16 30 May 2015

Mrs Thatcher did nothing for Carers.

Tony Blair did nothing for Carers.

George Brown did nothing for Carers.

And they all had Treasuries stuffed with money.

Why on earth do you expect David Cameron to be any different, when Cost Cutting is the name of their game.

  wee eddie 14:24 30 May 2015

OK, So Tony Blair's successor was such a nonentity that I got his name wrong, but maybe you got my point

  hssutton 19:54 30 May 2015

"They get paid just under £270 per month" Who are they? I will very shortly be 80 with my wife being 77. we care 24/7 for our severely disabled daughter and when I say 24/7 I mean exactly that, no help from anyone. Now let me see during the Blair/Brown years what did we get, yes exactly nothing and as I understand things we are still operating under the same set of rules, so we still get nothing. So don't just blame the present PM

  Devil Fish 00:36 31 May 2015

labour overspent tax payers money, sold gold off at low values, And now the country are paying off their debts, They used the banking crisis as cover.Other countries managed the crisis better than us why is that

  x123 10:41 31 May 2015

Fully agree with spider9 and we are still borrowing even though the deficit was supposed to be eradicated by now under the last coalition government.

  hssutton 11:15 31 May 2015

Yes, but the debt incurred and the reasons for the debt have not as yet been resolved. The thread is about carers and payment for carers and if we were to pay carers this would in all probability increase the problem and I say this as carer.

  Dragon_Heart 17:15 31 May 2015

I do apologise HSSUTTON, yes once you get to 'retirement' age you basically fall of the radar, but still keep on caring. Almost 1.3 million people who are 65+ are carers in England & Wales. 65% of older carers (aged 60–94) have long-term health problems or a disability themselves !

Carers, all carers, should have a statutory entitlement to the support they need in order to achieve an acceptable quality of life, in terms of mental, physical health, and opportunities for social & financial inclusion.

Age Concern describe post pension carers as "Invisible but Invaluable" !

Post retirement carers may be able to get some extra money because of their caring role such as extra Pension Credit and/or Housing Benefit/Council Tax Reduction but the rules around this are very complicated.

Men retire at 65, women 60 but the largest proportion of retired carers are women. What's the bet when they raise the pension age carers will NOT be included ?

One solution to the cash crisis is cutting International Aid, The UK already spends more than any other country on international agencies and is the 2nd largest aid donor in the world.

Government figures reportedly show that the UK met last year's aid spending target of 0.7 per cent of GDP, totalling £11.7 billion. Plus New EU ( which party got us involved in that money 'black hole' )requires us to increase the figure by £1 billion a year over the next two years. What's David CamerCom ( I do like that ) intending to cut the benefit budget by again ?

He has promised help for post retirement carers but do you believe him ?


Going off topic positivemoney.org claims " The financial crisis happened because banks were able to create too much money, too quickly, and used it to push up house prices & speculate on financial markets." In simple terms 'playing with money they did not have or that even existed' Eventually the debts became unpayable but the Banks were unable to do so hence the Financial crisis.

Did you know the number of mortgages handed out to first-time buyers and home movers fell back by 16% year on year just prior to the election ?

... back to topic

I firmly believe older carers should get more help not less. People will get help with this new government but it will not be the hardest and most honest 'workers' who will benefit.

  bumpkin 17:22 31 May 2015

not be the hardest and most honest 'workers' who will benefit.

Of course it will not be, you seem to have a fundamenal misunderstanding of how the system works.

  john bunyan 17:57 31 May 2015

My sympathies go out to the carers, bot here and at large, you do a fantastic job out of love - certainly not money. I had a (fortunately brief) period of being one - luckily my wife has almost recovered.

I assume that , over retirement age, one can get Attendance allowance at £82.30 per week - not much but a bit more than the "They get paid just under £270 per month" mentioned by the OP.

It seems obvious that we, and particular the younger generation, will have to be a lot more prepared to put money into personal pensions etc to add to State funding of pensions etc., as the life expectation is rising so quickly.

I think this should be a cross - party issue rather than a party poltical one and hope that carers will get a better deal.

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