awaheed 10:41 10 Mar 2012

i have interview with dwp today as an executive officer.Can anyone help with any advice.

  chub_tor 11:02 10 Mar 2012

Be yourself, be honest, be polite, answer their questions truthfully and confidently, don't boast and ask questions of them about working conditions, how much pay and entitlements you get and when. Find out what is required of you in the job and if you are on probation. Try not to be nervous and I emphasise once again be honest, nothing ruins an interview or job quicker than someone who is later found out to be not what they said they were. For example if asked what speed you type at, or have you used PowerPoint, or are you good at maths or what qualifications you have, don't exaggerate your abilities. Tell them what your strengths are and if they ask you where you need more training. Be confident, be yourself and good luck.

  lotvic 13:17 10 Mar 2012

I think you just passed their first criteria in the competency test.

You didn't think to google for: executive officer dwp job description interview

Best of luck, you should do well if you take note of others who have been through same interview.

  frybluff 16:08 10 Mar 2012

For EO, they tend to be looking for basic "man management" skills, or perhaps I should say "person management". A good standard of English, and reasonable maths. Good IT skills. The main thing is to strike a balance between ascertiveness, and willingness to adapt.

One of their favourite questions, is whether you've helped anyone resolve a problem.

  john bunyan 17:08 10 Mar 2012

"A good standard of English"

For a start I would have posted as follows:

I have an interview with the DWP today as an Executive Officer.Would anyone help with any advice.?

  Woolwell 18:25 10 Mar 2012

Sorry to be blunt but surprised that anyone going for an interview to be an EO with DWP has to ask on a forum.

  Forum Editor 18:49 10 Mar 2012

Sorry to be blunt but surprised that anyone going for an interview to be an EO with DWP has to ask on a forum.

I was just thinking that it demonstrated A refreshing degree of maturity. Someone who isn't afraid to ask for advice on a matter of such importance might be just the kind of person I would want in a job of this nature.

  Woolwell 19:56 10 Mar 2012

FE - I would have thought that someone applying for an EO post would have researched the internet and found for example DWP Interview prep and have asked before the interview today - on a Saturday?.

  morddwyd 21:58 10 Mar 2012

Certainly seems to have left it a bit late do do some research.

  lotvic 22:24 10 Mar 2012

Well it's certainly too late now. Another one bites the dust.

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