He`s a darling for taking his oppositions Ideas

  jakimo 17:10 09 Oct 2007

After rubbishing the Conservatives proposals on heritage tax and green tax on flights just weeks ago,he today announces the introduction of such taxes,no doubt Darling`s party are congratulating on his original thought

  Totally-braindead 17:20 09 Oct 2007

Are you really surprised?

I thought when I heard the Tories going on about it that it was a good idea. If Labour ignored what I considered to be a good idea just because an opposition party came out with it first I would consider them to be very foolish.

  Earthsea 17:21 09 Oct 2007

You're completely wrong, he just 'listened to what the country wanted'.

  wallbash 17:31 09 Oct 2007

A note of caution, has he really raised any level at which IHT is paid?? It has always been possible to use the £350,000 times two i.e £600,000 ??????
with easy to do avoidances schemes.
It just saves a 'small' amount of paperwork/time.

  Bapou 18:04 09 Oct 2007

Another note of caution, we have yet to see the small print on any proposals.

There's always a catch.

  FungusBoggieman 18:47 09 Oct 2007

oh well my pearents dont own a big home have lots of money and so on.
Im glad im inheriting nothing cant pay anything I seem to be paying enought to the gov at the moment and not getting much in return for my investment.
monster raving gets my next vote.
just goes to show the rich do get richer and the poorer do get poorer.

  Forum Editor 20:23 09 Oct 2007

but this is an overtly party-political topic, and as such it must be locked. Such subjects are inevitably contentious.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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