iqs 18:28 12 Jun 2007

Hello all.To answer this thread will require the help of dedicated Heroes fans.....

At the end of episode 18 Suresh is on the ceiling and Syler takes on Peter,please see below for a detailed description............

At Mohinder’s apartment, Peter walks into the apartment, and wonders where Mohinder is. A couple of drops of blood land on his face, he looks up to see Mohinder on the ceiling. Mohinder says “Sylar.” Sylar comes out of nowhere and says “I remember you,” to Peter and slams him against the wall expressing his interest in seeing how Peter’s powers work. He starts to cut Peter’s head open. The camera cuts away as Peter screams, and a lock of his hair falls to the floor............................

My question,I'm sure this battle was shown at the end of a previous episode. I have tried to confirm this via the official Heroes web site,but no luck as yet.Am I correct,or did I see a spolier at some point which is causing my confusion?.

Cheers Heroes fans

  do-gull 19:15 12 Jun 2007

Hiya iqs.
I am an avid heroes fan it is THE best thing on the box at present.

The battle in question has not been on before and I have not missed a week since it began.


  iqs 21:01 12 Jun 2007

do-gull for your reply.Like you I have not missed an episode since it started.

I wish I could remember where/when I watched the clip,I was sure it was the ending for a episode.

Another sleepless night wondering where I saw the clip.Cheers :-)

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