Here's a preview of Vista's SP1 beta

  TopCat® 11:59 02 Oct 2007

Gives some idea of what to expect after some fine tuning and probable debugging. TC.

click here

  Riojaa 12:15 02 Oct 2007

It's criminal that everyone who spent good money on a rushed inferior and retail product has had to wait so long for things to be rectify.

I can't think of any other consumer product where this shoddy attitude would be tolerated time and time again.

It the re-enforcement of the major failings of a global monopoly.
Let's not petly reply with 'use Mac or Linux'.

The good news that in the near future web based applications, which won't need to run on a Windows OS, will be the new king.

"The king is dying.
Long live the King"

  ventanas 12:24 02 Oct 2007

What on earth are you talking about? What you have said is nothing short of an absolute load of rubbish.

  Riojaa 12:32 02 Oct 2007

ventanas, I liked your extensive and fully itemised critique.

Yes man!

  al7478 15:42 02 Oct 2007

Whats wrong with Vista then...?

  Forum Editor 17:40 02 Oct 2007

Please don't start all this again - I'm thoroughly tired of it. If you can't post in a thread about Vista without immediately launching into the same old tirade against Microsoft please don't post at all. We've heard it all so many times - just give us a rest will you?

  Pine Man 18:31 02 Oct 2007

What is your problem, two service packs were released for XP and solved a number of problems.

No o/s is perfect when first released and now it appears that the this is the normal procedure for ensuring that we have a good up to date operating system and long may it continue.

  Riojaa 19:48 02 Oct 2007

I see that you are all shooting from the same spent pockets again. Excellent.

Talk about putting up with mediocrity.

Then again I only try to regularly read the heavy weight pc journals to find out the true Vista effect. And you would honestly have thought that platforms like this forum would encourage value for money along with expected genuine quality software products from the outset.

"No o/s is perfect when first released and now it appears that the this is the normal procedure " and that is exactly what I mean. Normal?

You are so right about the piece meal developement strategy by MS. That is why their products have become a modern day tragic farce.

  ajm 19:52 02 Oct 2007

I for one was a critic of Vista when it first got launched. My views changed when I assisted a client in installing and upgrading his XP Home machines to Vista Business. It all went very smoothly. I have recently boought a HP machine with Vista Business and all i can say its is brilliant and I havent had any issues with my exisiting software.
I am sure that the SP1 will improve and add certain features and performance.
And yes, I do use a Apple Mac and also there are updates available on a regular basis; why dont people rant about these updates?
Updates and service packs are all part and parcel to make the OS better, faster and secure

  Jak_1 20:51 02 Oct 2007

A lot of the problems when Vista was launched were not the faultof MS, it was the software companies who failed to write drivers in time for Vista's launch. I am not a big fan of Microsoft but fairs fair it was not their fault for many of the problems. Like all new products, improvements are made after the first launch, this is true in many area of trade.

  bremner 21:55 02 Oct 2007

I agree when you say that updates are part and parcel of an O/S. However the updates to OS X tend to be Intel related updates rather than OS X itself. I look forward to Leopard with relish.

Personally I dislike Vista and see little or no user benefit. It is cumbersome and far to intrusive to be truly user friendly. I really hope SP1 remedies what I see as problems that should have been ironed out during the beta phase.

I am a realist and recognize that Windows will continue to dominate the O/S market for many years if not decades to come.

I am more than happy that a couple of years ago I discovered OS X. I rarely use Windows unless I have no alternative.

Vista should have been much more than it is but that is consistent with the history of Windows. I fully expect Vista will be "great" just as it is superseded by Vienna or whatever MS are calling its successor this week.

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