heres a lady who knows what shes talking about

  jakimo 19:56 28 Jan 2011
  rickf 20:15 28 Jan 2011

you might say from first hand experience

  morddwyd 20:49 28 Jan 2011

Glad she's managing to keep body and soul together with the odd bit of part-time now that she's lost her seat.

I don't suppose her MP's pension goes very far!

  rdave13 22:42 28 Jan 2011

"In 2008 - months before the main expenses scandal broke - it emerged that she had mistakenly claimed for the cost of two pornographic films."
according to the Mail.
Hmm, makes you think how she can be such an expert on porn if she can mistake porn for some other item.
Maybe Radio 5 Live are also mistaken by using her, apparently, naieve knowlege of adult movies.
Who knows?

  CurlyWhirly 09:49 29 Jan 2011

"She wasn't alone, just that the 'items' concerned were 'racier' (but far less costly) than duck houses etc I suppose."
In fact duck houses and even moat cleaning were low cost compared to the flipping of homes to avoid paying Capital Gains Tax (CGT) of which all the main political parties were guilty of.

  jakimo 15:30 29 Jan 2011

'Hmm, makes you think how she can be such an expert on porn'

She probably isn't,but she only has to ask her husband for advice
She wasn't alone, just that the 'items' concerned were 'racier'

A bath plug racy?

  DippyGirl 22:35 29 Jan 2011

fm ...with the ICC CWC (how many Cs?) now weeks away I hope you havent tempted fate

  dororof 06:15 30 Jan 2011

As notorious as her expense claims may be i think that the present situation is,presenting a documentary on porn,more a case of the programme makers seeking publicity and viewing figures than that of her "cashing in" on what was in effect her husbands prediliction,or to use a famous rock stars phrase "research".
What i find distasteful is how these successful legalised 'kleptomaniacs' and 'public' failures can waltz from one overly remunerated position into another without 'seemingly'an ounce of honesty about them.

  jakimo 14:22 30 Jan 2011

Theres no real evidence that the lady was conversant with pornography,but she did have a talent for fiddling

  dororof 16:50 30 Jan 2011

fourm member, Yes i agree it "takes two to tango" but is she taking advantage of the issue surrounding her expense claim or her status as (ex) Home Secratery,it would take a person of incredibly little 'tact' if it was the former.

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