here we go again minorities

  lofty29 13:33 11 Feb 2008

I see that in the daily mail an mp's resignation is being demanded simply because he talked about the diabled childred being born in high numbers to a minority group who have a preponderance of 1st cousin marriages. Why o'why do we constantley have this cry when anyone brings up a factual subject where foreign ethnic groups are involved, or non-heterosexual groups for that matter. what about smokers, drinkers, 4wd owners, thay are always getting slagged off by mp's but no'one suggests that they resign because of it

  Cymro. 13:51 11 Feb 2008

You seem reluctant to say which minority group this is all about.

  lofty29 13:53 11 Feb 2008

It is a pakistani grouping who favour first cousin arranged marriages

  lofty29 13:58 11 Feb 2008

Sorry Cymro hit the enter botton too quickly, it appears that the grouping has 3% of the population and account for something like 10+% of the birth defects, he appearred to be advocating that the group should consider this and be aware of the dangers. A perfectly reasoable approach I would have thought

  Totally-braindead 13:59 11 Feb 2008

Its ridiculous to demand an MP resigns over this.
I presume its fairly easy to check whether the statement made is true or not and if its true then why should anyone resign?

  interzone55 14:00 11 Feb 2008

It's all because "political correctness" demands that you don't mention inconvenient truths about certain subjects.

  Cymro. 14:11 11 Feb 2008

It seems to be the sort of story that the press like as it gives them a chance to do a bit of suturing.

I have not read the statement that the MP made, any link to it? On the face of it it seems just good sense and certainly no resigning matter.

  lofty29 14:20 11 Feb 2008

Cymro, sorry cant find a link, but it is in todays online daily mail

  Cymro. 14:25 11 Feb 2008

This seems to be it.
click here

  jakimo 14:53 11 Feb 2008

The MP has every right to bring up this issue,without being asked to resign,but it is not only people of Pakistani origin who through inter marriage produce disabled children,as this happens in other parts of the world,with other religious beliefs

  lofty29 15:37 11 Feb 2008

Thanks Cymro
Yes It was mentioned in the article, but the mp was addressing a particular problem in this country, which is extreme with a particular grouping, and he felt it should be addressed. My point is that everytime this sort of thing is brought up seems to provoke a response from minorities or their supporters way out of proportion, any type of perceived critism even constuctive calls forth howls of outrage

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