Here we go again

  egapup 21:10 21 Oct 2006

Did you see on the news that councils will be allowed to site more cameras to catch out motorists? More fines for minor driving offences such as stopping in yellow boxes but the fines aren't minor, £100. It's getting rediculous.

  rdave13 21:21 21 Oct 2006

egapup, it is already rediculous. Exorbitant parking fees, road tax, motorway tolls, double yellow lines, red double lines, clamps...on and on. Why can't the powers that be simply make it illegal for none comercial vehicles to use the roads? Will bring the country to its knees but there will be a lot less polution and everybody will be happy..:)

  VoG II 21:28 21 Oct 2006

I heard on the radio the other day that it costs (on average) £15 per day to run a car. That is before putting any fuel in. More catch-the-motorist schemes are simply rediculous but with the present rediculous government may well find favour.

  WhiteTruckMan 21:59 21 Oct 2006

were to be in charge of all the cameras then I suppose it would be virgin on the rediculous...


  spuds 22:02 21 Oct 2006

Talking about more cameras, I was reading a report yesterday, that stated speed flashing roadside warning signs were more effective, at getting the message across. Just think of all the revenue lost, if council's decides to adopt a more road safety method, as what was suggested in that report.

But then again, wasn't the whole idea and concept of speed cameras and the like, a joint method of road safety!.

  Al94 22:08 21 Oct 2006

You may consider stopping in yellow boxes to be minor but that is one of the major causes of disruption of traffic flow caused by mindless selfish idiots. I would support any initiative to catch them on camera and deal with them appropriately. It is more of an issue than minor speeding offences.

  jakimo 22:20 21 Oct 2006

Do anyone really believe that all these penalty fines are meant to make our roads safer,or just a means to get income any which way the councils can,and could it be that councils having all this extra income will be less demanding on central government subsidies,which would please the chancellor.

  Brumas 22:34 21 Oct 2006

It's ridiculous the amount of times ridiculous is misspelt ;o)

  ed-0 22:36 21 Oct 2006

It's about time that these selfish idiots, sorry Al94 you summed them up perfectly, learn the highway code.

Every rush hour you see them stream across the lights and block the yellow boxes and you see them staring ahead is if nothing mattered. While when the lights change, no one can move. Lets hope after few £30, £40 or £50 fines, they will read the highway code again.

Don't enter the yellow box unless your exit road is clear. The exception is if you are going to turn right.

Why should mindless idiots stop others continuing with there journey, just because they have to stay at the lights for an extra couple of minutes.

If you have to rush, set off 10 minutes earlier.

I say the more cameras the better. It may improve some peoples standard of driving.

  rdave13 22:36 21 Oct 2006


  Forum Editor 22:44 21 Oct 2006

through West London where there is a junction that's notorious for yellow box abuse. Selfish drivers know that they'll not get across the junction without blocking the box, and they do it anyway. I often sit, fuming, whilst my lane has a green light, and then changes to red again. I haven't moved an inch because some "Me first" idiots can't obey a simple traffic law.

I'll be delighted to see cameras catching them at it - the fines can't be high enough as far as I'm concerned.

Driving standards are now at an apalling all-time low, simply because some people seem to think that laws are for others - not them - to obey. The only way these fools will learn is to be hit where it hurts, in the wallet.

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