and here it is the new routemaster for London

  timsmith259 18:51 11 Nov 2010

click here

wouldn't mind taking one these for a test drive to compare with the old route master

  timsmith259 18:57 11 Nov 2010

and here's the skid pan
click here

  lotvic 19:08 11 Nov 2010

and the crowd never flinched.
I don't think they would be allowed to be so close these days.

  morddwyd 20:43 11 Nov 2010


They're inside.

The lower deck is nearly full!

(Yes, I know, it's to keep the CoG low)

  Al94 21:20 11 Nov 2010

Can I just (proudly) point out that these are being built in Northern Ireland click here

  lotvic 21:43 11 Nov 2010

The 'passengers' are inside, the crowd are watching.

  wids001 07:11 12 Nov 2010

Sadly, I think in today's world the concept of having a bus that enables people to "hop on, jump off" will have law firms specialising in the compensation culture of today, rubbing their hands in anticipation!

For many years I saw people stumble, both off and on the old routemasters - myself included. Then, you simply got up, dusted yourself down and got on with the day, whilst thinking what a fool you had made of yourself.

Today, after stumbling off (or on) many will stay down, thinking only of pound signs.

  Quickbeam 07:14 12 Nov 2010

How many seating spaces does 3 doors and a permanent wheelchair allocation space cost?

  octal 19:20 12 Nov 2010

Never mind about the new Routemaster, when are they going to replace the Bendy-bus like Boris said he was going to do? They are terrible things, I don't think they've been fitted with any springs, I sooner not get on one if it means waiting a few minutes for a real bus to come along.

That's my moan for the day :)

  Quickbeam 19:38 12 Nov 2010

I don't see what the problem with bendy buses is, Sheffield's had them for 30 years with no problems.

  octal 19:44 12 Nov 2010

You're tough race up north :)

Seriously though, you can feel every blinkin' pot hole, they are not a pleasant ride at all.

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