Herding Cats

  zzzz999 20:29 18 Sep 2010

Oh jings do I know now how that feels.

It was my daughter Erin's 9th birthday party today (her Birthday's Monday but this was the do-day) so it was me, Mrs Rick and 15 hyper 8 and 9 year old girls at the ten pin bowling at X-Scape at Braehead.

All went well for about 15 minutes, then Sophie's ears were burning and she needed to cool then down in the bathroom (that took her and 4 others to do that). Meanwhile Amy had skipped her turn and took Rachel's shot. Rachel wasn't happy and had decided to take a serious huff. Jahnvid decided now would be a good time to impersonate Red Rum in the Grand national and was off running around the Bowling arena jumping over things. Three other girls ran after her no doubt to give her a polo mint.

The first hour passed in a haze of stress, then thank goodness the food arrived. Suddenly like heat seeking exocets 15 weans were back, in place and stuffing e-numbers frantically into their faces. Phase 2 of the bowlathon began with a fight over the bowling frame (slide thing that some weans use), Rachel skipped in and took Amy's turn, Meanwhile, Jahnvid had jumped the Canal Turn for the last time and was heading for home. At this point Mrs Rick and I had fell out, each blaming the other for not packing the emergency gin.

Sophie was feeling sick, she and three others had to go to the bathroom. The Cake arrived, hurrah, the weans were back in one place as we sang Happy Birthday to Erin. Stephanie blew out one of Erin's candles, tears and snotters everywhere, candle re-lit, candle blown out. Knife for cutting the cake was now looking tempting. Suddenly mums and dads were sighted returning to gather their charges, 15 demur angels suddenly appear to be collected, get their wee gifts and pieces of cakes.

'How were they' each parent asked

'Great, not a problem' we lied.

Its done.................until next year, 'maybe we could go to the ski-club next year' says Mrs Rick ,............ my eyes drift to the cake knife

  wellshgit 20:45 18 Sep 2010

Ha ha the things we do for our offspring. I bet you enjoyed it really, and are now laughing about it over a drink with mrs Rick.

  Bingalau 21:15 18 Sep 2010

Memories, you will look back at these kind of happenings and say to yourselves. "Thank God we don't have to do that anymore".

  Legolas 21:18 18 Sep 2010

ROTFL Very funny Rick'scafe. You must live quite near me if you had the party at the X-SCAPE I stay in Paisley, no offense but I'm glad I gave the X-SCAPE a miss today ;))I have been at kids birthday parties before and they are fearsome events and don't half take it out of you. My great niece is having one tomorrow unfortunately I can't go....must say I'm devastated. Aye right

  WhiteTruckMan 21:27 18 Sep 2010

are the worst. After that things go gently downhill.

But from the title of this thread I thought it was about the new (for me, at least) tv advert for ikea.

Unless it was blue screened, the producers must have been crazy turning all those cats loose in the warehouse!


  rdave13 22:55 18 Sep 2010

Here is a different version of your life that it could have been.
Home is flat or house. Bachelor.
Get up in morning, make breakfast and lunchbox if required.
Home from work and house still the same as when left. Empty.
Make cup of coffee, switch TV on and drowse for about on hour. Make dinner for one and rinse plate with hot water soon after finishing. Sit on sofa contemplating going to shower then out for a pint to socialise. Have shower then decide too tired to go out. Go to bed.
Get up in morning, make breakfast and lunchbox if required.......

Been there and hated it. On second family now, constantly tired but wouldn't change it for the world.
Neither would you.......

  morddwyd 08:13 19 Sep 2010

You mean you've never played "Police"?

Where they all have to be handcuffed and sit in the back of a van for an hour?

  zzzz999 08:14 19 Sep 2010

Once the the head and feet stopped throbbing we did laugh. And of course were comforted by my best friend Pinot Noir.

Dave like you I am on family 2, and whilst tiring it is wonderful. Mind you, I do remember the in between 3 years of football, fishing, drinking and chasing women fondly.

  zzzz999 08:17 19 Sep 2010

I live the other side of Erskine Bridge.

  Kevscar1 09:12 19 Sep 2010

See now if you were clever you would have missed chilfren out and gone straight to grandkids. You can always give them back.

  zzzz999 10:17 19 Sep 2010

Am not quite sure how you can do that.

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