Helproom Availability

  crosstrainer 13:56 22 Dec 2008

....Over the Festive period. I'm aware that most of us will be spending the day with family and friends, and won't want to be involved in sorting out new setup problems.

However, there will also be quite a few of us who will be pottering around doing not much of anything....

I would like to volunteer my knowledge on Christmas day, and over the holiday's for anyone who needs help.

Anyone care to join me? (not blackmail....honest!)

  The Brigadier 15:48 22 Dec 2008

I have my family staying over the festive period from 24th - 29th December.
So will be VERY busy.

  sunnystaines 16:09 22 Dec 2008

i will be around too

  NewestRoyWidd1 16:32 22 Dec 2008

When not at work,I'll be here too

  Bapou 16:52 22 Dec 2008

We will be visiting family on Christmas morning. I am informed our two grandsons will be receiving a computer each, desktop and laptop and they don't know it yet.

Mum says this means the computers will be straight out of the box, hint, hint,wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

Can I mention your name because we have been invited elsewhere later in the day?

  Forum Editor 19:18 22 Dec 2008

we see quite a few people in the forums. I think it has something to do with taking a moment's respite from all that peace and goodwill - it can get a little tiring.

Whatever the reason, we've never noticed a lack of forum supporters over Christmas, but thank you for stepping up, it was thoughtful of you. I'll keep you company right through the holiday, but perhaps I'll take the occasional mince pie break.

  recap 19:25 22 Dec 2008

We will be having our son's over with their partners on Christmas day, so unfortunately I will not be able to drop in.

I will be away from Boxing day for two days, a short break to Scotland, chill out time after a predicted hectic Christmas day.

I will however try to pop in later in the Christmas/New Year holidays.

All the best to everybody.

  laurie53 20:20 22 Dec 2008

"I have my family staying over the festive period from 24th - 29th December."

So have I, that's why I'll be here!

(Only joking)

  Forum Editor 20:26 22 Dec 2008

That will be all right then, but try not to make a habit of it.

  crosstrainer 20:35 22 Dec 2008

Looks like more people will be around than I thought,,! Peter, you need a break. Take one :))


  recap 20:51 22 Dec 2008

My partner and I like Scotland that much that we are having our honeymoon there next year in March. So unfortunately I will be away then.

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