Helping colleagues with their home PCs.

  lisa02 15:22 20 May 2007

I got suckered into updating and cleaning out a friends system last week. They asked my opinion on upgrades - noticing it was 256mb ram with onboard graphics taking a chunk, that was my first suggestion - more RAM.

They buy a 512mb stick and tell me "the shop was going to charge £15 to install it" sure you can call round and fit it for me. I did it today, reluctantly, and the PSU went (I guess that from the burning smell).

Now I'm out of pocket for trying to help someone.

Never again!!!

  Kate B 15:24 20 May 2007

How are you out of pocket? I know what you mean about feeling as though you've signed up for some open-ended committment that will eat into your time, though.

  lisa02 15:26 20 May 2007

I'm paying for the repair cost as it's my fault, apparently.

  wolfie3000 15:29 20 May 2007

Sorry to hear about that Lisa02,

This is why i generally never fiddle with others guts on there pc's,

Software only is my rule.
At a push i will fit peripherals but thats it.

  Totally-braindead 15:30 20 May 2007

Thats harsh lisa02, I have only once had a bit of a PC die on me when doing something else and I just explained it was an unfortunate coincidence and that was that, they paid for the replacement part, not me.
Not a very friendly friend you have there as it wasn't your fault.

  lisa02 15:36 20 May 2007

T-B. Not a friend just a colleague from work.

Wolfie I'm adopting a teetotal rule from now on.

  MrNerdy 15:40 20 May 2007

I never touch the pc's of those i work with/for.
I do, do some work on pc's, but after spending all day mending pc's it's the last thing i want to do.

As for you being out of pocket thats just rubbish, tell them to pay up!

  lisa02 15:45 20 May 2007

It's been a long day, work was full of wrongs so I should have expected this to happen.

Just rubbish MrNerdy?? I'd like that to be the case and we'll see. In honesty I'd rather pay than create a bad atmosphere or hostilities.

Never again,

People take note; for the next PC favour you do someone!

  Kate B 15:50 20 May 2007

ooh, that's a bit much, lisa02. The PSU must have been very weedy if it couldn't cope with a bit more RAM. I wouldn't let someone do that to me ...

  wolfie3000 15:52 20 May 2007

I cant see how a stick of ram would put a psu over the edge,

Check the power rating on the psu and see if its got dust in it, this might have been the problem.

  lisa02 15:57 20 May 2007

The PC was extremely dusty wolfie, a Time computer at least a few years old, 230watt or 250watt it was. I explained that the PSU was probably on it's way out anyway and it's just happened.

I hope this serves as a warning to those that are a bit soft like me.

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