Help with snooker skills

  iqs 23:11 18 Feb 2009


Last week I played snooker for the first time in over 5 years,lost every game.Played today,yes lost every game again..

I have lost my mojo.

Can any of the forum members help with obtaining some of the ability I was had please.

Any tips advice links to web sites dedicated in the ways of training would be of great help..

I cant stand to loss any more games.

Cheers all

  tullie 23:15 18 Feb 2009

Cant you just face the facts,you cant play,lol

  TopCat® 23:23 18 Feb 2009

Practise, practise and practise some more. Sure your eyesight is not letting you down? Deterioration can creep up on you very slowly even though you think it's alright. TC.

  TopCat® 23:31 18 Feb 2009

Coaching usually has to be paid for but Terry Griffiths has a few free tips at click here TC.

  WhiteTruckMan 23:37 18 Feb 2009
  TopCat® 23:42 18 Feb 2009

I somehow think WTM might need his 'peepers' looked at! :o) TC.

  WhiteTruckMan 23:47 18 Feb 2009

44 hours so far, and its only wednesday.

He did say he'd lost his mojo though. If that isnt it, maybe this will do

click here

Even chewier!


  Kemistri 00:17 19 Feb 2009

Well, don't expect too much after five years away. It takes time to get back into it and matches aren't going to do it nearly as well as practice time on your own.

Examine your stance, bridge, cue action and eye position. Are they all exactly as you had previously trained yourself? Your old disciplines may have gone off a bit. And you're using the same cue, yes? If not, that's another likely handicap - it takes a while to get used to a strange cue, unless you're O'Sullivan. And as TC suggested, make sure that your eyes are still good or your prescription still accurate.

And lastly, tell me what club you play at and maybe I'll come along and play you for money! Ha ha.

  Si_L 00:18 19 Feb 2009

The only way to improve is to practise. You can look on the internet for tips, but in the end it comes down to how many hours your prepared to put in on the table. If your by yourself, set the table up to recreate the shots you find hardest, be it safetys or getting out of snookers or long pots, whatever. Also, you absolutely have to think a few shots ahead. Plan where you want the white to rest after you have played the shot, even if you are thinking only one shot ahead it will massively improve your game.
When you get good, you can challenge people in the pub at pool for drinks. I tend to win the first few but then with every pint, for some reason, it gets so much harder to aim.

  Quickbeam 00:26 19 Feb 2009

You clearly didn't mis-spend enough of your youth;)

  Stuartli 00:26 19 Feb 2009

Practice makes perfect as they say; however, snooker is a game of angles and cue ball control and if you get those right, especially with the cue and white ball, then the rest follows naturally.

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