Help room forum me or the world?

  Epirb406 21:54 19 Sep 2004

Over the years have had great succes with getting problems solved at the forum.

Seem to be having dismal luck of late.

Is it me having moved on or is it the gurus?

Just wondered,

Love y'all, Epirb

  Djohn 22:25 19 Sep 2004

If your having a problem, try trowing it in the help room, I'm sure someone will be able to answer it.

  Forum Editor 23:27 19 Sep 2004

It's a little like going fishing.

You go to the same spot in which you had success before, cast out using the right bait (thread title), and for no apparent reason you don't have a single bite.

Keep trying, the big fish are still there.

  stalion 23:41 19 Sep 2004

read your last two posts on the same subject and you seem to have had a reasonable response,if you would like more feedback then post again.

  recap 09:13 21 Sep 2004

Here in spirit most of the time these days unfortunately. I do log in every week day but rarely get chance to try and help due to work commitments.

  end 13:35 21 Sep 2004

if you have a problem, throw it in the Helproom; as I am finding, despite my pesimism that I will get nowt back, someone does respond.

I found recently that an ambiguous thread title did not "help" so closed it and tried again with , after some thought, a more appropriate title , and, much to my surprise, the fish took a bite and help was forthcoming.

have another go with whatever it is that is "bugging " you; depends on what the problem is as to who may feel able to post a helpful reply, but with? how many members , someone ought to have a tad of an idea for you to solve it;

go on, have another go; off to the helproom:)

  Epirb406 19:10 21 Sep 2004

Suspect that you all have the reasons right.

Guess that summer, such as it has been is as much of a culprit as anything else.

Just wondered, at the risk of commiting some kind of faux pas if I could ask if there are any more specialist websites/ forums that people use.

I'm particularly interested in wireless networking and basic to intermediate PC building.

Especially looking at at home entertaiment system build at the moment.

Cheers for everything, and as I say, love ya'all.

Cheers, Epirb.

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