Help with a parcel from abroad

  wasp15 09:57 13 Feb 2008

I hope someone can help me! I bought an item from the US at the beginning of January, the seller sent it through the United States Postal Service, whose track and confirm service is showing the item as being delivered abroad on January 17. I never received the item, never signed for it and never received a 'You weren't in' card.

Can anyone tell me a. Who would have delivered this parcel as obviously not the USPS (I assume ParcelForce?) and b. if there is a way that I can find out what has happened to my parcel or where it is at the UK end without having a delivery card or anything?

Thanks in advance for any replies.

  Bingalau 10:16 13 Feb 2008

Haven't seen "postie24" on here for a while but he may be looking in and may know the answer. But from past experience I would say your item has gone for ever. Hope it was not too expensive. By the way it may be in the hands of the customs and excise people? In which case you will probably be getting a bill....

  wasp15 10:27 13 Feb 2008

Thanks for the response Bingalau. It said on the website when I put in the tracking number that it had been cleared at customs, but who knows where it is now!

  spuds 10:54 13 Feb 2008

When the USPS send items to the UK, it is usually the Royal Mail who deal with the onward journey 'after' it as left the main UK sorting office dealing with HM Revenue & Customs procedures.

I would suggest that you contact the original sender and Royal Mail, especially if you have tracking details, and pass your concerns onto them. USPS would have no onward tracking information, once it as reached the UK, this is usually left to their contracted courier like Royal Mail for safe delivery. Normally there is a time limit for dealing with problems, especially if a compensation claim is pending. You could also consider informing your credit card company, if you paid by that means, and ask for their advice.

I have many items delivered from a number of places abroad by various means, and I have never (so far) had a problem with USPS via Royal Mail procedures.

  lofty29 11:12 13 Feb 2008

Hi as previously said royal mail are the usual carriers this end, so your first port of call should be your local sorting office, however my experience with them regarding missing items just not inspire me with a great deal of confidence. Having said that I have never had a package go missing from the states via usps

  BT 16:53 13 Feb 2008

Chances are it was Parcel Force who handled it at this end. I have had problems with them putting a sticker on the parcel saying they had attempted delivery but not putting a card through my door. Call your local Parcel Force depot and make enquiries. Their normal policy is to return the parcel to the sender after three weeks if you don't collect it, but of course if you haven't had a card you ddon't know they've got it!!. If they do this the sender will have to pay the return Postage in the USA. I know its happened to me.

  wasp15 16:57 15 Apr 2008

Just to close and thank everyone for their responses, I never got anywhere with Royal Mail or the USPS - they both told me to complain to the other side - but the parcel turned up today out of the blue! Four months late but welcomed nonetheless.

  interzone55 17:28 15 Apr 2008

I had the same thing happen to a parcel from the US. The one & only item I've ever bought from eBay.

The seller reported it as showing delivered when I chased it after 6 weeks. I then started a dispute on eBay after 8 weeks, then out of the blue the parcel arrived. The post marks showed it as being posted when the seller claimed, and it arrived in the UK 3 days later, where it was for the next 7 weeks we will never know...

  rickf 18:36 17 Apr 2008

It would probably be parcelforce.The US Tracking No. would automtically be converted into a Uk one, once it's arrived in the UK If you track it again you'll find the number for ParceolForce. This will give you something concrete to ask PF about.

  rickf 18:37 17 Apr 2008

Forgot to add that you should go to the PF website and enter the US Tracking NO. as parcel coming from abroad or to be exact incoming International \parcel

  katkins 00:01 18 Apr 2008

Seven years ago, I sent a Christmas parcel to Kenya via Parcel Force.

The recipient hadn't received it by 5 months later so I chased it up with Parcel Force who confirmed it has gone to its destination.

I put in a claim under the compensation insurance I'd also taken out and about 6 weeks later it arrived back at my door. All in all, seven months after I'd originally posted it.

I was told, it had been laying in some Kenyan sorting office and was never forwarded on.

In the circumstances, I reckon I was damned lucky to get it back at all.

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