help me out please?

  Jwbjnwolf 19:58 25 Oct 2010

In school one of the girls in y10(yr below me)is following me about with her best friend and is forever calling me hot.
And about 5-6 other y10 girls saying " name> fancies you!" and I only just on friday found out that it is related to that girl who is following me about.
It sounds how I have heard it that she actually does so how can I tell her that I do not have a type and that I am not interested at the moment without if I can help it hurting her feelings.
Now I must admit that she does seem a beautiful girl but as in a friendly way.
any ideas anyone?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:18 25 Oct 2010

You should never be even remotely interested in girls until you have been playing rugby for at least 3 years....however if you are female it is a sign of modern times that you are embracing the concept of attraction with no boundaries. Marje Proops would have sorted you out double-quick.


  jack 20:27 25 Oct 2010

Try the Oldie Web site - Mavis Nicholson or Virginia n Ironside will sort it. ;-}

  lotvic 22:13 25 Oct 2010

"how can I tell her that I do not have a type and that I am not interested at the moment"

Well, we can't tell on here whether you are a boy or a girl..... so will give a unisex answer:

Next time she shouts to tell you that you are hot, shout back "No Chance! but thanks anyway" and then Walk Away with no further comment.

and tell the other silly adolescent girls the same thing.

I have had 3 neices around these ages and they've all had crushes on first one boy then another, also one of them decided she was lesbian for about a year and had a crush on several girls - none of whom returned her feelings. She is now 'into' having crushes on boys again.

Don't worry about hurting her feelings, it's kinder to let her know you are not interested so that she can 'get over you' and look for someone else.

  Forum Editor 22:20 25 Oct 2010

that we don't provide relationship advice here. We're not qualified to do so.

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