Help with IT Training?

  doc999 16:31 16 Feb 2006

I did post a new thread/subject recently but got told I was in the wrong area, hope this is ok, with all the expert advice given here what about help & advice for those taking the following qualifications:

ECDL, CompTIA, Cisco & Microsoft certified courses?

  bremner 17:06 16 Feb 2006

I am unsure what you are after.

Are you asking for specific comments on the merits of these courses or something else?

  Haol 17:08 16 Feb 2006

There are loads of good books that I've seen for these tests. I can't remember right now but I'll list them when I do.

  Pamy 22:18 16 Feb 2006

what help and advice do you nead?

  doc999 14:47 17 Feb 2006

The point I was trying to make is, if people are thinking of training, they may not know what courses to go for, for instance do you do CompTIA or MCP to be a basic grade Techie. What level of experience would you need to do these sought of course’s.

I was lucky I had friends who guided me to which path of training I should do, others may not know. Also if you give views on training out there, some may say that it’s better to do Network+ & Server+ than doing CCNA?

I’m not after help, but others who read this thread may be looking to train in IT, I just thought with all the experts out there it could be a good subject to look at?

  Haol 15:19 17 Feb 2006

I think that the necessary courses should A+, Netowrk+, Security+ and maybe a MCP exam.

  Pamy 15:26 17 Feb 2006

the forums here are available for any registerd person to use. If someone wants help in deciding what course to enroll on all they have to do is ask and like you say, I am sure that there are knowledgeable members that will try to help them

Awhile back the FE asked members what forums they would like included(no promises that they would get them)so perhaps if there were enough members wanting an IT help forum they could suggest it to the FE

  doc999 19:28 17 Feb 2006

Well might as well leave it at that then, forums always have people that subscribe but just look at whats being written. I'm happy to call it a day on this, sad that it might be.

  Pamy 20:23 17 Feb 2006

sorry you have not got the responces you wanted. So, why not give others thinking of doing the courses you mentioned the benifit of your experience and that of your friends who advised you what to do?
There are many subscribers who would like to do a course like you, that would appreciate your help.

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