Help with interest for savers!

  Pine Man 09:50 05 Jan 2009

Gordon Brown has announced that he is concerned about savers losing interest.

So far so good.

He has indicated that in the March budget he MAY increase the ISA allowance so that less tax will have to be paid on savings as you can move more of it into an ISA.

Still good.

In the next breath he states he hasn't ruled out a 0% bank rate.

So if all of the above happens you can put lots more money in an ISA and get no interest at all but it will be tax free!!


  pcmags 10:03 05 Jan 2009

Surely this is a job for Mr Darling & not the Prime Minister?
Or is Gordon still doing the job he did for over 10 years under Tony??

  canarieslover 10:13 05 Jan 2009

The sign of a good manager is that he knows how to delegate jobs to people that he trusts. Obviously GB has either not learned how to delegate or he doesn't trust AD to get it right. To try to do both jobs obviously doesn't allow him to give his full attention to either, and it shows!!

  newman35 10:20 05 Jan 2009

GB sounded like a man in a daze, repeating the 'global' mantra over and over, with little concrete to say on how we can get out of this mess.
One minute we are told we are 'worst-placed' to see it through and then GB says we are 'better-placed' than others. Take your pick who to believe!

  WhiteTruckMan 10:28 05 Jan 2009

I suspect his concern is really about savers losing interest in re-electing him.

Cynical? Moi?


  oresome 11:05 05 Jan 2009

The term "saver" is a little misleading in many cases.

What many of us are trying to do is not save any longer, but live off the interest produced by the lump sum. Anyone doing so will have seen a savage fall in their income recently with more cuts likely unless they're fortunate enough to be on a fixed rate deal.

To add salt to the wound, we'll eventually finish up with high inflation eroding the value of the lump sum further.

  Cymro. 11:06 05 Jan 2009

As I have said before on this matter anyone who has money to save should just be grateful that they have savings. There are plenty who through no fault of their own will never be able to save any money but just live from day to day in poverty.

  rowdy 11:35 05 Jan 2009

I have always believed that if you cannot say anything good about a person say nothing.

So here is my opinion of Gordon Brown rowdy

  spuds 11:48 05 Jan 2009

Gordon Brown and Darling might be batting for a stronger and wiser economy,in the foreseeable future. But its the civil servant's or service back-room boys and girls who have the task of making the final books balance, and I believe a 43 year old man is in charge of this task of borrowing from Peter to pay Paul!.

It's expected on Thursday, that a few more billions are being thrown at the banks, to help support the economy. But this time more stringent rules and regulations are being put into place so that the distribution of wealth is more even, or at least more in the publics interest.

  ventanas 12:35 05 Jan 2009

My income has gone down considerably in recent months, due to this utterley incompetant government.
Other people are not my problem, but the lump sum I'm trying to put away for my forthcoming retirement is.
All I want is for things to get back to normal, with sensible interet rates.

  Cymro. 13:00 05 Jan 2009

You say that
"Other people are not my problem, but the lump sum I'm trying to put away for my forthcoming retirement is"
so am I to just put you down as very selfish then? I would have though you would have considered yourself very luck to be able to put money away for your retirement,there are plenty who will never be able to do so.

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