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  Jak_1 16:50 16 Sep 2006

I have noticed that recently there has been a spate of requests for help that seemingly point to illegal actions. By that I mean peeps asking why this or that can not be coppied etc.

Also there have been some back habded comments when respected towards helpers have pointed out that the actions may be illegal! Again, there hve been backhanded comments made to those who who leave an innocuous comment, ok a comment that does not really help but in itself not detracting from the original enquirer but an aside.

Given that this is a well respected forum that posters should at least state that their requests are honourable eg making a copy for backup purposes only?

Is there really anything wrong with the odd or humourous reply to a request for help, so long as it does not detract from the original request even though it does not really help?

I have seen some viscous comments directed towards peeps who have given much help and time to others over a long period just for giving an innocuous comment or pointing out that, due to lack of information given in the request for help, the request is for an answer that would give rise to an ileagal action!

  ArrGee 17:07 16 Sep 2006

You may as well have cited my spat in the helproom as an example of this (be I right or be I wrong).

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  Jak_1 17:12 16 Sep 2006

Nope, I have not singled out one single spat, there have been more than a few. I just feel that this is a negative approach to those who have given much time and effort over a long time to help others.

  pj123 17:18 16 Sep 2006

I have always stopped myself from asking the question "Why?" to some postings in case it gets taken the wrong way.

eg. "Can't get screensaver to work". Why do you need a screensaver. It only takes up memory and is not necessary on a colour monitor. It used to be almost essential when we all had mono monitors to stop the "burn in". Colour monitors do no suffer from burn in so a screensaver is not required.

Another example. "Can I have two DVD burners installed in my PC?". Yes, of course you can, but why would you need two. You can only use one at a time.

  ArrGee 17:20 16 Sep 2006

That's fair enough, but as I have stated, I have put this in as an example, not at all saying that you are pointing a finger at anyone.

Your original view here is certainly of interest, I just think an example would clarify to others what has been going on. That's all.

  octal 17:23 16 Sep 2006

I must admit, I don't post very often but I do a lot of looking and I have noticed there are a number of "self appointed policemen" which does tend to put peoples backs up. The correct procedure is to email the Forum Editor if they think there is a problem with a thread.

  anskyber 17:23 16 Sep 2006

The forum rules on copyright issues are very clear 'Cracks' or copyright infringement - we do not permit the posting of information that will enable other people
to use pirated software or to evade the copyright laws. Please do not post serial numbers or CD keys, or links to
sites that contain illegal material of any nature, or links to other sites that offer such information. Do not ask
other forum members to provide you with help or information that will enable you to illegally obtain copyrightprotected
material, or to circumvent product registration or activation requirements, or to bypass a computer’s
password protection."

Which is why members are cautious and would be in any event because thats the way it is.

  anskyber 17:30 16 Sep 2006

Yes I take your point about "self appointed policemen" In posting the copy of the forum rules above I suppose I must fall into that category.

My own view is that this is a fast moving place and the FE is actually also engaged in other work, his own. I see no harm therefore in pointing things out. If a member then wants to go on to help break copyright then that is for the member but it is against the rules which say, keep within the law.

  Forum Editor 17:50 16 Sep 2006

Yes, we get a fair number of requests for information and/or help with subjects that - on the face of it at least - apear to involve illegal activities, usually connected with copyright.

Sometimes I spot these threads before they get off the ground, so to speak, and sometimes I don't. There are some regular forum members who spend very long periods in the forum, and they tend to pick up new threads almost as soon as they're posted. We can see these people constantly clicking from one forum area to another, presumably in the search for new threads. I'm delighted that they do this, because it means new problems are more likely to get a response, even if it's "sorry I can't answer this, but I'm sure someone else will". It reassures the person who posted that we're here, and that they aren't being ignored.

The spin-off is that some of the regulars are tempted to remind others about forum rules, and human nature being what it is, some people don't like it. It's the "you're not my boss" syndrome, and we can probably all identify with it to a degree. Inevitably there will be people who, after years of helping in a forum like this, develop a certain proprietorial attitude, they can't help it, and they mean no harm by it, but there are those who find it irritating.

There's no answer to it.

  Jak_1 17:51 16 Sep 2006

Most programs are legal to use but, and there is always a but, it's what you do afterwards. When asking for help on a potentially questionable enquiry it would help if the asker stated their intention in the first place, ie a backup copy for personal use.
When peeps point out the obvious legalities then they are doing it for a reason and not to be unhelpful. To point someone in the direction of an ilegal action can be taken as aiding and abetting!
If I point someone to where certain programs are availlable then I also put a disclaimer of some description saying that it is for personal use. To condone ilegalactions goes against the rules of the forum.

  Jak_1 17:53 16 Sep 2006

Good response FE, thanks.

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