Help ~ Cat knocked over the milk,

  wee eddie 08:44 04 Aug 2007

onto the Carpet.

Apart from selling the Flat and/or ripping up the carpet.

Does anyone have any practical ideas as to how I can mitigate the smell which will, almost certainly, come?

I have already swabbed up as much of the milk as I can and put paper beneath the carpet, but both the carpet and the under-felt are well soaked.

  John B 08:46 04 Aug 2007
  PP321 08:49 04 Aug 2007


Scrub a fair amount of vinegar into the affected area, it breaks down fat in the milk (the bit that produces most of the smell).

Leave it for 2 hours then scrub with a warm lightly soapy water, and there well be no smell whatsoever.

  BT 09:03 04 Aug 2007

Do you know anyone who has a Vax or similar carpet cleaning machine. As a last resort they can be rented from places like Homebase, and you can give the whole carpet a going over. Its amozing how much dirt comes out!!

  Forum Editor 09:15 04 Aug 2007

and for that you need an enzyme. You'll probably be able to buy an enzyme spray in your local pet shop, or you can try any shop that sells or hires carpet cleaning machines - they'll have an enzyme-based pre-clean spray.

If the size of the spill warrants it, hire a carpet shampoo machine, and do the job properly.

  ajm 09:19 04 Aug 2007

"no use crying over spilled milk"

Sorry, I couldnt resist this. On a serious note, try what BT says, and get or hire a carpet cleaning machine. This will hopefully elimiate the smell

  €dstowe 09:24 04 Aug 2007

If there is a residual smell after trying any/all of the above, sprinkle boric acid on the affected area, rub in well and either leave it there or vacuum up if you can see it.

Boric acid is pretty much harmless (unless you are an insect or micro-organism). You used to be able to get it from pharmacies but, if you can't, try eBay. There is a seller (Mistral) who puts it on regularly as a buy-it-now. Mistral is a business seller and quite reliable.

  tullie 09:42 04 Aug 2007

How about strangling the cat?

  johndrew 09:55 04 Aug 2007

`.. Vinegar. ..`

Use white vinegar or the carpet could end up smelling like a chip shop.

Failing that you could buy some 1001 cleaner from the supermarket or any of the similar products.

  Stuartli 10:03 04 Aug 2007

Once you have cleaned the area involved, using Neutradol (the original) or one of the subsequent copycat products such as Oust, Dettol Odour Neutraliser or supermarket own brand versions, will kill the bacteria that causes the smell.

Such products are also first class for killing bacteria in your car's air conditioning system - spray the interior and then leave the A/C working in recirculation mode for about five minutes (with the doors closed!)

  Diemmess 10:06 04 Aug 2007

All these proprietory cleaning solutions of ammoniated or latterday detergent properies will work fine, but in your case it has to be worth hiring a suck and blow type carpet cleaning machine.

From what you say it sounds like a heavy fitted carpet and the sodden underlay would need to be absolutely clean too.

If it is really difficult to do a thorough clean-up have you thought of an insurance claim?

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