Helmet ~ should one wear one for Skiing, Skating, Cycling and Curling

  wee eddie 12:15 02 Jan 2014

"Michael Schumacher's condition remains unchanged after skiing injury" a headline taken from the Guardian.

He was wearing a Helmet and it's widely recognised that he hit the rock so hard that, without the helmet he would be dead.

So, why do I even ask the question?

It's a complex question:- I no longer wear a helmet while riding my bicycle. I have realised that, subconsciously I feel safer, and therefor take greater risks when I am wearing my helmet. Not good and a short cut to the hospital.

I should also add that I think that the whole question will be opened up once more. Should Michael Schumacher survive with either, very reduced abilities, or even none at all.

  wee eddie 12:20 02 Jan 2014

To the sports I have already mentioned, one should probably add: Rugby (it could be used as an offensive weapon, so possibly not), Football, Hockey and Cricket (which has accepted limited use).

The list is almost endless, should for example, Fell Running be included?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:55 02 Jan 2014

Schumacher was never a risk taker some of his exploits were questionable but never risky.

The fact he was wearing a helmet has saved is life lets hope for a favourable outcome.

When one engages in sports or activities it is only wise to minimise the risk but without some risk where would be the fun or even the point of doing it at all.

we all make our own choices about how much risk to take, the older we get the more likely we are to take less risks. (been a long time since I climbed a tree) :0)

  fourm member 12:57 02 Jan 2014

You make a very good point that some people find it hard to grasp.

There's no sure way to know but it is possible that, if helmets didn't exist, Schumacher wouldn't have been on that run.

I don't know if he was the first to suggest it but Jeremy Clarkson has said that the greatest safety aid for motorists would be to fit an 8 inch hardened steel spike to the centre of the steering wheel. Of course, no-one would get anywhere because no-one would drive above 20mph.

It's always a trade-off but it certainly isn't as simple as saying, as the French doctor did, that the helmet saved his life.

  Aitchbee 13:38 02 Jan 2014

I was intrigued to see five hospital staff [a surgeon, a doctor, a head-nurse,another doctor and a man-in-a-suit etc etc etc ] giving up-to-date information to the world's television press on the condition of the stricken skier. There must be safety in numbers!

  namtas 18:49 02 Jan 2014

As a regular off road mountain bike cyclist this decision was one I debated quite seriously, the benefit I argued, but later discovered false, was a sense of freedom also helmet free was cooler when ascending long hard climbs. However I now accept that any head protection for our fairly thin skulls has to make sense. I don't believe that wearing one makes me take more risks no more than wearing a safety belt. It wont save you from all injuries but considering even catching a low branch at speed can result in a serous injury.

  fourm member 18:52 02 Jan 2014


Caring for someone critically ill is a team matter and no-one person could give detailed answers on every aspect of the care Schumacher is receiving.

My guess is the hospital doesn't want to look incompetent by putting up a spokesperson who answers 'Don't know' to any question.

  Aitchbee 19:33 02 Jan 2014

fm - I was thinking along the same lines, although the French are well-known for expressing themselves without much coaching, n'est ce pas?

  wee eddie 19:45 02 Jan 2014

Namtas: I agree with where you're coming from. My cycling is in town almost entirely. I have also noticed that car drivers treat me differently when I'm not wearing a helmet

  Mr Mistoffelees 20:48 02 Jan 2014

Once, when cycling back when I used to time-trial, I crashed and hit the side of my head very hard. My helmet was smashed but, it did it's job. I was told by a doctor, whilst in hospital, that without the helmet I would probably have been dead.

I was out of hospital in only four hours, cautioned to watch for the effects of concussion. Better than being dead, or worse still a cabbage.

There is no valid excuse for not wearing a helmet while cycling.

  Woolwell 21:13 02 Jan 2014

I used to have to wear a helmet for my occupation. It is important that a helmet correctly fits and is worn correctly. A badly worn or ill fitting helmet can be dangerous too. I see many examples of cyclists with a helmet but which is not correctly worn. A helmet should be personal to you.

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