Hello i'm Trademark

  Trademark 13:50 17 Apr 2007

I have been coming to the PCAdvisor site on & off for about 2 year's.
Decided it was finally time to sign up & say hello.
I work in IT as an IT Support Analyst.
My interests are IT, Computers, Gadgets & Beer, but not in any order!

  wee eddie 14:03 17 Apr 2007

Are you talking "Real Beer"?

In which case, which part of the country do you come from. Many of us travel around a bit and knowing the best watering holes can really improve a visit to an unknown part of the country.

  wolfie3000 16:23 17 Apr 2007

Hiya Trademark :)

Guinness drinker myself lol

  anskyber 16:53 17 Apr 2007

Welcome indeed!

  Totally-braindead 17:04 17 Apr 2007

Hi Trademark. I wish people wouldn't mention beer though it just makes me thirsty.

  Bingalau 17:09 17 Apr 2007

Welcome Trademark, I'm a rum drinker myself.

  Chris the Ancient 17:16 17 Apr 2007


and mine's a pint of Guiness (not the cold stuff)

  Trademark 17:20 17 Apr 2007

Real Ale!
I live in South East England, but travel a lot to the West Country.
I also collect books on Real Ale & have every CAMRA Real Ale yearly books including the one they withdrew.

  p;3 17:27 17 Apr 2007

totally braindead ; mine is a large mug of tea , with cream biscuits ;just to make you a bit more thirsty



  wee eddie 17:33 17 Apr 2007

I live in Scotland, Real Ale hardly exists up here, so my trips down South are carefully planned.

My current favourite is Tuckers Grave, just outside Bath, it's actually a Cider Pub but they usually keep a mean barrel of Bass. I'm quite partial to their cheese sandwiches as well.

  Forum Editor 17:41 17 Apr 2007

I hope you'll enjoy your time with us.

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