The height of Stupidity ?

  Terry Brown 10:05 02 Aug 2012

My brother has gone on a cruise, and he is posting his photo's (look where I am),on Facebook. His address is readily accessable (along with a lot of other personal details) from this and other websites.

By advertising that the house is empty, I think he is asking for trouble.

What do you think?


  Mr Mistoffelees 10:06 02 Aug 2012

I think you are right.

  Nontek 10:08 02 Aug 2012

Have you warned your brother - what does he think?

  wiz-king 10:18 02 Aug 2012

Yup - unless his FB profile is set to family only.

  Quickbeam 10:29 02 Aug 2012

It shouldn't really be a problem as long as he doesn't mention which flower pot the keys get left under.

  Al94 10:51 02 Aug 2012

I have never seen anyone display their address on Facebook .As far as I am aware, the information shown goes no further than the hometown and county.

  oresome 10:59 02 Aug 2012

My wife and daughter were walking past some fine houses on the coast, complete with tennis courts etc, marvelling at their positioning and size.

Out comes a gentleman from one house and proceeds to pop the key under the flower pot!

It must be easy come easy go.

  Aitchbee 11:13 02 Aug 2012

I have 'inherited' a STERLING 'key-safe' (about the size of a block of butter)...the combination lock is set to [ 1:9:2:0 ]...can I change it to another combination.

  wee eddie 11:16 02 Aug 2012

I think that you are getting unnecessarily paranoiac.

Of course there is a risk but it is not nearly as large as forgetting to cancel the milk.

Unless your brother has contents worth £Millions, few thieves would spend the required amount of time researching such an operation. Of course, if he has a van Gough or Turner on the Sitting Room wall, it would be a different matter.

  daz60 11:24 02 Aug 2012

If someone on-line can make a connection then lets hope his insurance is in order.

In France ,Cantal region,whilst travelling there my sister in law pointed out markings on empty housing not a sign of plague, as in years gone by, but information to certain travellers that this property was empty and ripe for 'content removal'.

  Nontek 12:00 02 Aug 2012

for Aitchbee

Hope this helps!

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