Height of fashion - plain stupidity

  Seth Haniel 09:16 16 Sep 2008

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Belt buckles in the shape of guns are banned at Edinburgh Airport

in the present climate liable to be shot first and questioned after

  GRIDD 09:22 16 Sep 2008

They look stupid, never mind anything else, and wearing one to an airport deserves to get you shot.

  laurie53 10:00 16 Sep 2008

Nothing deserves to get you shot, unless you are shooting at, or have shot, someone, or something similar, and only then under very strict rules.

RIP Jean Paul.

  Grey Goo 11:06 16 Sep 2008

Thats hardly a belt buckle in the picture, looks more like Bruce Willis in a Die Hard movie, you can see their point though.

  Cymro. 11:17 16 Sep 2008

These are not just difficult times we live in but dangerous once if you enter an airport with anything that looks even remotely like a gun.

  WhiteTruckMan 12:24 16 Sep 2008

to be shot, but they certainly shouldnt be surprised if that is the outcome! The scenario isnt a difficult one to envisage: withing view of an armed policeman (or woman), someone with one of these belts has too much change/wallet/mobile phone/keys etc in their jeans pockets resulting in sagging trousers. They open up their coat/jacket etc to grab hold of their wasteband to pull them up, with one hand seemingly going for the suddenly revealed 'weapon'. Police have a split second to make a decision. Anyone on here care to be the one to have to decide? Because I wouldnt.

Complete and total lack of sympathy for anyone hurt or even inconvenienced through wearing one of these.


  Legolas 12:49 16 Sep 2008

These stupid things should be banned full stop. How stupid would you have to be to wear something like that in an Airport where security is tight and anything resembling a gun is likely to result in possible harm to the wearer and worse perhaps to an innocent bystander.

It would only take some inebriated idiot wearing such a belt to start fooling around with it and the possibility of that person being shot becomes highly likely. I don't think such a person deserves to be shot just because they don't have two brain cells to rub together, if stupidity was a reason to shoot someone I would have been gunned down years ago ;)

And lets not forget those who make and distribute these items, they are if anything worse because they have sat down and calmly came up with this idea. MADNESS.

  peter99co 12:57 16 Sep 2008

They should tell these passengers to take their business elswhere.

If these people have the kind of brains they appear to have I would not want them on any plane of mine.

The chances are that such idiots are not concerned about others feelings and would probably be problem passengers as well.

  peter99co 13:00 16 Sep 2008

A refund of the ticket and a someone to show them to the exit door would give them something to think about.

  josie mayhem 13:45 16 Sep 2008

If some one wants to brandish a item that can mistaken for a leathal weapon, and then they don't follow instructions given to them by the police and they get shot tuff luck...

A police marks person normally wouldn't open fire with out given due warning of doing so...

  WhiteTruckMan 14:05 16 Sep 2008


I don't know for sure what their rules of engagement are, but mine used to permit opening fire without warning if there was percieved to be an immediate threat to life and limb etc. With only a slit second to decide, and thousands of smart mouths with 20/20 hindsight waiting to analyse your every move.


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