Heather Mills and Sir Paul McCartney

  Cymro. 14:03 11 Feb 2008

So how much money do you think she should get taking everything in to account?
Personally I am not bothered but I do think that the press have done something of a caricature assassination job on her.

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  €dstowe 14:10 11 Feb 2008

They (and all similar) should keep their sordid shenanigans to themselves.

  Totally-braindead 14:10 11 Feb 2008

Its none of my business what she gets and to be perfectly honest with you its not something that interests me at all. Its between them and the courts to decide.

I do agree with you that the press have been less than nice about it, not helped in part by some of the things she has come out with.

  wee eddie 14:11 11 Feb 2008

I would expect that the Child will get a shed-load of money, which will be administered by some sort of Trust, and Miss Mills, somewhat less.

Miss Mills would then live in the child's house and at the child's expense, etc.

  Cymro. 14:16 11 Feb 2008

For "caricature" read "character"

  n4165si 14:17 11 Feb 2008

I don,t care ,its not going to affect my lifestyle in any shape or form, but i wish they would keep their grubby dealings to themselves

  crosstrainer 14:24 11 Feb 2008

That with an estimated £850 million fortune, that the two could have come to some amicable, out of court arrangement....Only winners there will be the lawyers.

  jakimo 14:30 11 Feb 2008

Although Heathers comments on milking rats came in for a lot of criticism,she has succeeded in milking a beetle

  Miros 16:01 11 Feb 2008

The Lawyers will just love it along with the News venders, they will be the real winners.

Me, I neither win or loose since I doubt they will be claiming legal aid. Therefore I could not care less.

  oresome 16:15 11 Feb 2008

All a bit sad really. All that money and it doesn't bring happiness.

We don't have money, but we are happy. Would I swap places? No thank you.

As for how much she gets, I don't care. But she could face the same worry as Paul has had. Do people like me for me, or for my money?

  Legolas 18:17 11 Feb 2008

I think the real loser here is the child, it might have all the money it will ever need but no family.

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