Heather Mills £24.3m

  peg 19:48 17 Mar 2008

thats £700 for every hour she was wed to sir paul McCartney, and there daughter ONLY get £35k a year the poor loves lets have a wip round.
some people just don't come across well on tv and she is one of them.

  Quickbeam 19:53 17 Mar 2008

'Well', she came over as a greedy, bitter n' twisted old boot to me...

  rossgolf 19:54 17 Mar 2008

im sure she thinks very highly of you iswell lol

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:59 17 Mar 2008

I'd have married him for £700/hour ;-))

After her tirade on the court steps, that woman has no shame though.


  peg 20:00 17 Mar 2008

only if quickbeam is worth millions.
she said "her daughter only gets £35k so she will have to travel B class while paul travels A class"umm she may have to dip into her savings to help her daughter to upgrade to A class (tear in my eye lump in my throat)

  mrwoowoo 20:16 17 Mar 2008

The precedent-setting divorce ruling, White vs White, in 2000, established the concept of a 50/50 split of assets.
Most divorce settlements end with the wife getting around 50% of their husbands assets.This applies even when a husband is not particuly well off.
The Middlesbrough footballer Ray Parlour was ordered to pay his former wife a third of his future income. This as well as the original settlement.
To only lose just over 3% of his fortune is a great result, whatever we think of Heather mills.
How many average earners have only lost this amount in a divorce settlement i wonder.

  Bingalau 21:23 17 Mar 2008

My lad lost everything and was lucky to have enough clothes to stand up in. He's still paying maintenance for his daughter and has not seen her for five years. British justice is sick.

Some women are just greedy and on the prowl for innocent rich men. Paul McCartney was in a vulnerable position and fell for her. It could have been anyone. She was willing to throw her (good) leg over and he has paid for it in a big way, even if it is only 3% of his assets. That money would have been better spent on a good charity.

  190119 21:46 17 Mar 2008

Someone once described marriage to me as like a hurricane, starts with a lot of huffing and puffing and then you end up loosing your house!

  mrwoowoo 21:47 17 Mar 2008

The point is that he won't even notice that it's gone and it certainly won't affect his lifestyle.
Your son on the other hand is a perfect example of the point i was making.Paul Mcartney got off very lightly compared to the average male divorcee.
British justice has no consistency about it.
Must depend on the mood of the judge.

  Bingalau 22:04 17 Mar 2008

mrwoowoo. Agreed. also o.k. if you can afford the best lawyers etc. We were throwing good money after bad. I spent about ten grand I could ill afford, on court cases to try to get my lad's and my own access to my grand daughter. In spite of winning some of them my lad's ex wife took no notice and nothing ever happened. Is it any wonder there are such organisations as this Dad's for Justice lot or whatever they are?

You can have justice if you can keep throwing money at lawyers.

  Kemistri 22:25 17 Mar 2008

At least this should spell the end of the media's infatuation with this story. It gets too much to take when even Channel 4 News (usually to be relied upon to concentrate on important world news) donates the beginning of a broadcast to the "Heather and Paul Show".

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