Hearing This Phrase Far Too Often.

  Bing.alau 19:32 15 Mar 2013

"We are taking steps to see it never happens again". I think it is about time somebody came up with a new phrase, because we hear this old chestnut every time something happens such as unnecessary deaths in hospitals. Why the hell didn't they come up with the steps before the problem?

I'm not thinking of any one happening, but they seem to crop up regularly.

  hssutton 19:36 15 Mar 2013

Couldn't agree more, How about 'lessons have been Learned,:)

  Aitchbee 20:01 15 Mar 2013

By saying, mea culpa or 'I am the one to blame' would be a good way to put things right, and then taking practical steps to rectify the wrong-doing.

  Forum Editor 20:22 15 Mar 2013

The use of 'Lessons have been learned - steps will be taken' is what's known as a deflection ploy. It's an attempt on the part of those people who should have anticipated problems to avoid blame falling directly on them. It mostly happens in the public sector, because in the commercial world it's much harder to get away with that kind of waffle.

It's irritating beyond belief to hear the words being trotted out time after time, but it will continue until we have a culture of personal accountability in public services.

  Bing.alau 20:34 15 Mar 2013

Yes FE. I don't ever remember the ploy being used in the armed forces. If it was it certainly didn't hold water. Punishment was always meted out.

  fourm member 20:34 15 Mar 2013

'Why the hell didn't they come up with the steps before the problem?'

They did.

That is to say that things going right don't end up in the papers.

So, we hear all about things going wrong and then get the clichés about how it won't happen again but there's no interest in, say, Bingalau kept his customers under control and there was no fight.

  Aitchbee 20:42 15 Mar 2013

fm - [only] you have introduced papers to this thread, why?

  lotvic 00:11 16 Mar 2013

I am interested in - Bing.alau kept his customers under control and no fight - well done that man :)

  Al94 07:01 16 Mar 2013

My impression us that the phrase was invented by the last Labour government.

  Kevscar1 07:38 16 Mar 2013

What it really means is don't look at me I'm not going to take the blame even if it was my fault

  carver 09:18 16 Mar 2013

It doesn't matter who started these phrases it's the use of them that annoys and upsets me.

Most of the time the term is used to justifies a complete cock up by people who should have seen the consequences of not doing their job properly.

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