Healthy eating - No taste?

  dagbladet 11:06 26 Nov 2007

After far too many years of willful abuse to my body through poor diet and far far too much beer, I decided today to be more health conscious when I selected my lunch. Having rejected all my favourites on the strength of the red warnings labels and went for one of those Tuna pasta pots(fork included), as an accompaniment I have selected a pint of red-topped skimmed milk. Now is it just me or does healthy food not taste of all...nothing. That milk is like water and the pasta is ...well, like chewing yesterday's chewing gum. If I don't eat it I'll be starving later and I'll get a bag of chips on the way home. Is there anything that's good for you that actually tastes nice?

  DieSse 11:13 26 Nov 2007

What you've done basically is wrecked your taste for anything subtle.

Having said that, I still like a lot of salt on almost anything I eat .-))

PS - I would have probably classed "tuna pasta pots" as junk food.

  dagbladet 11:19 26 Nov 2007

"I would have probably classed "tuna pasta pots" as junk food"

I do now.

  anchor 11:22 26 Nov 2007

Skimmed milk does seem like water I agree; that why I use semi-skimmed which is not too bad.

In my opinion I consider the case of low salt in everything, (for a normal healthy person), is overstated. If you have impaired kidney function, or hypertension then it is a different matter.

What about a fresh salad, with some lean turkey breast, topped with a low fat dressing, for your meal tonight. For dessert, a fruit yogurt. That is a healthy meal, and should have some taste.

  J B 11:46 26 Nov 2007

There is a short answer to your question and that is "Make your own at home". Having said that, I know that a lot of people don't have the time to cook or for that fact even like doing so. A lot of so called healthy eating products can be replicated at home and they will taste a whole lot better if you employ the secret of "Seasoning". A diet of healthy home cooking using all the food groups will knock the socks off anything that you can buy that is ready made. Eat what you want in moderation and treat yourself every once in a while and you will live to be a ripe old age. J.B.

  dagbladet 12:07 26 Nov 2007

There is a short answer to your answer. It's hard to find the time. Leave home at 7, get home at the other 7, there's at least one sometimes two dad's taxi runs to be done every night after which it's time to fight with the kids about homework, before we fight about them getting in the bath, shortly followed by the fight about going to bed, this is followed by me eating a mountain of toast, because i'm starving, after which I go to bed, and then it's 7 again.

  Earthsea 12:08 26 Nov 2007

I'm fortunate in that I only have to 'cook' lunch for myself. My skills are somewhat lacking so it tends to be something like a microwavable fish pie and salad (from a packet). It tastes okay and assume it's healthy (it says 'healthy living' on the box) but no doubt it's causing me untold damage and shortening my life considerably.

As said, learning to cook and having the time is the key.

  Legolas 12:25 26 Nov 2007

I have taken fully skimmed milk for about 12 years and although at first it is like water after a while it begins to taste OK as your taste buds become used to it...on second thoughts your right it is like water. Only kidding give it a longer try.

  Mike D 12:30 26 Nov 2007

I agree with Legolas re the skimmed milk, but when told to eat more pulses, greens, no fat stuff etc., it's enough to make me run for the chippie (except that she who must be obeyed with have my thingies as earrings!)


  Quickbeam 12:41 26 Nov 2007

I agree that your tastes change as you get used to something.

At 17 I stopped taking sugar in coffee because I had a bad toothache for weeks, after having the tooth seen to I returned home, made a coffee, put sugar in and found I'd lost the taste for sweet coffee.

More recently, I've switched from butter to an Omega 3 rich spread as my cholesterol is too high. Once a week I was having a 'butter treat' day... I've lost the need for that now as I've weened myself away from the expected taste of butter.

A lot of the reason for the high fat eaters is simply that they've developed a taste for salty high fat food... it takes a month or so for the new tastes to become the normal standard.

  dagbladet 13:20 26 Nov 2007

Does that Omega 3 thing really work?

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