Health and Safety gone mad

  tigertop2 15:28 29 Jul 2008

My wife conducts guided walks for citizens of our town. She does it without reward of any sort just to encourage people to get out and exercise . This activity is rightly supported by our local authority and she has received appropriate first aid training to cope with emergencies

She has today received a pack of A4 signs with illustrations depicting 'Hazards' decided upon by a Health and Safety munchkin somewhere in the system, which she is obliged to hold up high when an obstacle is approached

The signs around,12 in total, include 'Puddles',
'Tree-roots', 'Dogs', and more in a similar vein.

She will ignore it ,quite sensibly, and continue to give verbal warnings where really appropriate

Has anyone else experienced this type of jobsworth madness? And if so should we not all be forming a 'Public Commonsense Society' with the aim of banishing this form of intrusive loonacy?

  spuds 15:47 29 Jul 2008

To ignore compliance, will result in her having the official approval revoked. Last year our local very good Blue Badge tourist guides had similar instruction. Considering that the guides did the tours and work voluntary, at no expense to the council, this as caused a rather big upset, and many of the guides have handed in their resignations.

Regarding gone mad. I have just been informed that my gas supply, which as been off since 7.30 this morning, will not be returned until possibly tomorrow afternoon. The simple explanation is because the work-person cannot secure and clip a short length of copper pipe over a flat roofed porch, until a scaffold as been erected. Apparently anything over two metres high is a safety hazard!.

  recap 15:51 29 Jul 2008

I think as the local authority are supporting this activity they are covering their backs, even though it is jobsworth gone mad.

Where I work, we used to hold summer fund days for the local community. Guess what?

That's right, they were stopped for Health & Safety reason. Why!

The area used for the fun days the kids play there anyway without any Health & Safety. Madness total madness.

  tillybaby 15:56 29 Jul 2008

The thing that is really worrying though is where will it all end and how much of our money do these health and safety officials cost us to come up with these weird and wonderful rules?

  bstb3 16:03 29 Jul 2008

just wait till someone steps in a 'dangerous' puddle as a result of looking up at the puddle sign (and presumably trying to work out what it is) rather than watching where they are going.

Its a bit worrying that there are people employed by our local governments (and probably not just them) that really cant see that this is going a little bit too far. I wonder how much is to do with the concern over litigation rather than health and safety per se?

  tigertop2 16:05 29 Jul 2008

Spuds , I see your point about having approval revoked but it is one thing to issue such a stupid instruction but quite another to enforce it. I too believe it will lead to the walks having fewer leaders but if we don't do everything to publiscise such silly rules and bend them where possible we are giving in to the lunatics. Conker games were banned by one authority last year, Next we will have to take driving lessons for our zimmer frames

  Clapton is God 16:19 29 Jul 2008

So, I assume this idiot is a local Council/Authority employee.

Thus, as a Council Tax payer, you are partially contributing towards his salary and, therefore, he is employed by you.

You should have an A4 sign made and take it along to the idiot's place of work.

Explain to him that, as his employer, you require him to hold the sign above his head at all times during his working day because it has become apparent that he is an 'Elf n Safety hazard.

The sign should read "I am a Dickhead".

  wiz-king 18:35 29 Jul 2008

I was not aware that there are 'official' signs for puddles, tree roots or dogs for that matter. Therefore as unofficial signs they are open to misinterpretation which could constitute a H&S hazard in itself.

  octal 19:34 29 Jul 2008


What happened to common sense? A health and safety advisor in one of my previous jobs used to say health and safety is 99% common sense, think about what you are doing and just look around and be aware of what's going on around you, after all, you wouldn't cross the road without doing a risk assessment would you.

  laurie53 20:10 29 Jul 2008

"you wouldn't cross the road without doing a risk assessment would you."

The point I used to make time and time again.

You do a risk assessment every time you pull away from the kerb, push a shopping trolley round the end of the display or even decide whether to take an umbrella.

The trouble is that most of these jobsworths are incapable of assessing a risk and reducing it to an acceptable level, and therefore decide to eliminate it altogether.

  Jim Thing 20:13 29 Jul 2008

"The sign should read "I am a Dickhead".

Best laugh I've had for weeks...

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