Health and Safety and Common Sense

  Quickbeam 07:47 20 Sep 2010

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Seems like the obvious thing to do to me.

  carver 08:33 20 Sep 2010

I'm sorry but I have never seen those three words used in the same sentence by any body before, are you sure you got it right.

Then I read the headlines "TORIES PROMISE TO TORCH HEALTH AND SAFETY MADNESS" don't they know it's dangerous to set fire to things, elf an safety will never allow it.

  babybell 08:58 20 Sep 2010

Most of the 'Health & Safety nonsense' that we have to endure everday in society has nothing to do with the Government.

Headmasters banning kids playing conkers or British Bulldogs, has not been handed down from Government legislation, but is born from a panic reaction to the televsion advert induced manner in which parents can now sue the school in a blink of an eye.

It's not legislation that needs looking at, it's this crazy 'no win, no fee' society that has been developed that needs reigning in.

  peter99co 10:33 20 Sep 2010

Over the weekend I heard a school had stopped children using the school playground because of the noise of balls bouncing around was upsetting the local house residents. The headmaster feared they would sue.

  smartpoly 10:42 20 Sep 2010

Here is the story you heard about.
click here

  peter99co 10:53 20 Sep 2010

A spokeswoman for North Yorkshire County Council said it was aware of complaints made by some of the school's neighbours to the environmental health department at Selby District regarding "excessive noise".

They should publish the number of complainants and send them the bill for the fence. It is they who need the fence it seems not the school.

Better still take down the fence and recycle it then use the cash to buy ear defenders for them.

  wids001 12:41 20 Sep 2010

Spot the difference .....

A.N. Other hears his kettle whistling in the kitchen of his home, as he enters the kitchen he slips on his mat and crashes head first into the boiling kettle which deposits its contents over his hands and ends up in hospital for a few weeks.

A.N. Other hears the works kettle whistling in the kitchen of his workplace, as he enters the kitchen area he slips on the mat his employer has put down and crashes head first into the boiling kettle which deposits its contents over his hands and ends up in hospital for a few weeks.

The difference?

  spuds 12:43 20 Sep 2010

I see by the comments, that the No Win No Fee is having a knock again, but have people ever considered what was in place before these legal firms came into being.

The average person on the street stood no chance of bringing an action claim again someone like a Local Authority or high finance commercial enterprise. The No Win No Fee as brought the competition nearer to an equal level.

On a person note, I was in conflict with a Local Authority, and stated that I would be taking legal action, only to be told by the CEO of the council that "they had more finance to fight a claim or court action - have you". It was only when I pointed out that my legal costs were covered by home insurance and a No Win No Fee legal team appointed by the insurance company, that the council eventually reconsidered there own actions. Had this not been the case, I would possibly be still trying to fight the case of wrongdoing today.

The same might apply to any genuine injury, caused by blatant neglect of another. Have you checked recently the hazards around your own area, that others have left?.

Health and Safety as a big role to play in a sensible manner, but not when its used to secure a job for another, whose talking about very minor items,and enforcing same, yet at the same time, overlooking police officers and firemen not being allowed to do their daily job for the safety of others.

There is also talk that this 'new' government will reduce some of the many quango's,who appear to be not answerable to anyone, and I would suggest that any action taken is not before time.

  babybell 13:03 20 Sep 2010

No Win, No Fee, was only brought in to stop solicitors making money off of an injury claim, even if it had no chance of winning.

Under no win, no fee, solicitors will only go to court if they know they will win, therefore reducing the number of claims and reducing the number of claims that have no chance of winning.

  Strawballs 16:45 20 Sep 2010

My youngest is now 21 but when he was at school and old gent bought a house in the blind end road that ended at the school within days of moving in he started moaning at the mum's that were parking outside his house to drop off and pickup their kids. He did not like it when I overheard him moaning one day and asked him WHY THE HELL DID YOU BUY A HOUSE BY A SCHOOL he did not even own a car.

  wiz-king 19:30 20 Sep 2010

He must have been the same man who lived down the farm road that I lived in, used to moan about the cows stopping for a snack in his front garden on their way down the lane for milking. We had to tell him to shut the steel thing between the two posts in the garden hedge (gate) but it was too much trouble. He even phoned the police one day to complain about me baleing hay after 8pm. I think he thought the country life was going to be quiet!

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