health and safety

  gengiscant 16:06 13 Jul 2008

To all you health and safety folk.May I draw your attention to A godesend to conker fights.
Please thread a cord though a pingpong ball.Place a pair of plastic safety glasses on your head and enjoy.Should you be uncomfortable with the attention your"conker"is receiving please refer to the relevant health and safety act

  gengiscant 16:10 13 Jul 2008

oops I forgot.Paint said ball brown.

  ronalddonald 16:14 13 Jul 2008

being serious that conkers now fall under health and safety?

Is an enviromental issue or just a gove thing?

  bremner 16:20 13 Jul 2008

Conkers do not fall under Health and Safety - it is a myth generated by those who continually preach such misinformation.

Individual instances such as a cumbrian school insisting pupils wear safety glasses while playing conkers on school premises is about as far as it has gone.

In fact The Institute of Safety & Health sponsored the last World Conker championships in Northampton to dispel the myth.

  DieSse 17:05 13 Jul 2008

"Conkers do not fall under Health and Safety..."

What do they do then - stay on the tree to avoid injury?


  bremner 17:17 13 Jul 2008

No they fall under gravity :o)

  Forum Editor 19:01 13 Jul 2008

involved in walking under a conker tree than playing with the conkers.

There's a huge tree in our road, and not a year goes by that I don't get the fright of my life at least once as I drive under the tree at conker time - they make an almighty clonk as they hit the roof of the car, although no damage has been done so far. It wouldn't be much fun for a baby in a buggy if it was hit full in the face by a falling conker though.

  spuds 19:26 13 Jul 2008

Its going to be a bumper harvest, if any of the trees in my location are anything to go by. Absolutely full.

  laurie53 20:49 13 Jul 2008

It's not the falling conkers which are the danger, but the assorted bits of wood, rock, metal and various debris which the kids hurl into the tree to try to get the conkers to fall!

Just like I used to do.

  v1asco 11:40 14 Jul 2008

During a recent inspection of a Large Tanker by a Major Oil Company, the Captain was told to cover the empty swimming pool with a net in case anyone fell into it.

It was pointed out to the inspector that the pool had railings and a gate around it of at least the same size as the railings around the decks of the ship and did the inspector also expect the Atlantic Ocean to be covered with net as well.

Again, H & S gone mad.

  tullie 12:09 14 Jul 2008

Whenever i have been on a cruise,the pool has been covered with a net.Dont forget,there are no lifeguards and people tend to get drunk and decide to take a dip etc etc.Quite a sensible precaution.As for railings around the decks,people have been known to climb on those also.

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