health and safety?

  tried 16:42 14 Mar 2007

Hopefully a subject we can all agree on? there must be loads of fun in this one! without upsetting each other I recon theres hundreds of rules we can dream up to beat Brussels, were not talking sprouts here.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:08 14 Mar 2007

Definitely NOT a fun subject.

Deadly and I mean deadly serious.

There is only one problem with H&S and that is people do not apply it,


1. They are too idle. (it doesn't apply to me, I can not be bothered and I didn't get hurt last time I did this job the same way.)

2. They are too bust thinking about the job rather than making themselves safe before starting the job.

This is why we need A&E departments at hospitals.

  pj123 17:48 14 Mar 2007

There is no FUN in Health and Safety as Fruit Bat /\0/\ says.

In the last job I had before retirement I was the H&S officer for the Unit that I was working in. Hopefully I did a good job, although I wasn't liked for it. (Too many rules and regulations)

Since then I have been in many places where there doesn't seem to be any H&S rules in place.

In fact if it was my decision on some of them I would have closed the place down.

  Mr Mistoffelees 17:59 14 Mar 2007

Whilst I couldn't agree more with Fruit Bat /\0/\, fourm member's post is typical of the nannying that is too prevalent today, often I suspect because of the rise of the litigious society. Time, I believe, for people to start taking responsibility for their own actions and stop being stupid and then going to a lawyer.

  Monoux 18:22 14 Mar 2007

Mr Mistoffelees
"stop being stupid and then going to a lawyer."

Hear Hear. Trouble is there are too many lawyers jumping on the band wagon of no win no fee so what have folks got to lose by trying to get compensation for there own careless actions.

  tried 19:28 14 Mar 2007

Gosh that was a responce I never expected! It was supposed to be just a light hearted look at the nanny state we seem to accept. nurse the screens! Ill tick this one as resolved then?

  laurie53 21:04 14 Mar 2007

Well if you want to get light hearted, all beaches should be cordoned off becuase sand is mainly silica, which is a hazardous substance under the COSHH Regulations!


  robgf 03:00 15 Mar 2007

I do wonder about the quality of training that H&S inspectors receive nowadays, regarding manufacturing.
They used to be quite knowledgeable about a wide variety of machinery, but over the last ten years or so, I have noticed a distinct decline in abilities.
Safety suggestions they make are often downright silly and sometimes dangerous. They can quote rules "chapter and verse", but seem to lack any practical skills.
I think this may be why they make so many poor decisions.

  wee eddie 07:41 15 Mar 2007

Lawyers who file spurious claims should be, personally, fined an amount similar to the claim made.

While not stopping reasonable claims, such a fine might make many of the no win, no fee, brigade think twice.

Maybe this concept needs a little refining but I believe the principal to be sound.

  namtas 08:37 15 Mar 2007

I just wonder when it will be realised by all and government in particular that most of the new rules and regulations are actually ruining this country of ours, years of tradition and practises that have survived most other problems have succumbed to the namby pamby state, at what point do our judges wake up and start to tell claimants that personal spatial awareness in this life is everyone's responsibility, and automatic claims for compensation are not going to be the order of the day, and rather than getting money might cost you if you loose. We have now very successfully created a true nanny state where many refuse to accept responsibility but are conditioned to accept that there is a some one or something out their to deal with every personal condition or problem that happens to come their way. In fact so much so that many expect to be carried from the cradle to the grave, much of course driven by lawyers who are making, if I believe all I read, have a vested interest in welcoming the process and make very good living from litigation work. Yes of course we have to have guidelines and codes of practise on safety but do we really need our councils to act in such a protectionist manner that they do silly things such as taking down trees because the game of conkers could be dangerous. As a charity worker, regulations are killing the work we do, if we do not see sense then it is going to become a super efficient energy green world but one absolutely sterile of the fabric of life, expensive and boring.

  robgf 02:44 16 Mar 2007

"They don't have any choice. Once they look at a process or machine they have to put forward safety measures which are extreme, often to the point of being 'downright silly and sometimes dangerous'."

The safety measures they suggest aren't necessarily extreme, just inappropriate, showing no grasp of basic machinery.
My point is, should such poorly trained individuals be advising on safety.

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