Health & Safety rules

  interzone55 13:50 12 Sep 2011

This is why we have Health & Safety rules

at least 100 killed when cigarette butt is thrown into an open sewer that was filling up with fuel from a leaking petrol tank

  interzone55 14:06 12 Sep 2011

fourm member

I agree, but this is why the rules are in place

  Aitchbee 15:41 12 Sep 2011

Public transport buses in Glasgow (FirstBus) have notices saying 'Press bell in good time, and wait till bus stops before leaving your seat.'If this were to be obeyed,bus timetables would have to reviewed...BIG TIME!

  morddwyd 15:54 12 Sep 2011

A pipeline leak can occur at any time, and all the H&S rules in world are not going to prevent that, except ones that apply to maintenance.

If there were a major petrol pipeline leak in any deprived area in this country many people, and I certainly include myself (a retired H&S officer, you will recall!) among them, would rush to fill any containers they could.

  Aitchbee 16:00 12 Sep 2011

morrdywd - that doesn't appear to me to be wise or safe...apart from that, it would be theft. Have you lost your senses?...or is it a wind up.

  BT 17:22 12 Sep 2011

The Mythbusters found it virtually impossible to set light to spilled fuel with a cigarette butt.

  onthelimit1 17:25 12 Sep 2011
  interzone55 17:30 12 Sep 2011


If the butt lands in the fumes yes that would be the case, but if it lands just outside the pool and fumes from the fuel pass over the cigarette then it can catch light.

In the case I doubt anyone will know what's happened because the immediate area is pretty much totalled.

There are far too many of these accidents in Africa, where the oil companies run pipelines above ground for huge distances through residential areas. Often the explosion is caused when someone has attacked the pipeline deliberately so they can steal the oil, then the leaking oil is ignited somehow, destroying a neighbourhood and killing dozens.

This is a list from Nigeria

  Forum Editor 19:11 12 Sep 2011

It has become fashionable to mock health and safety rules, and it's undoubtedly true that there are occasions when they invite ridicule, but.....

One hundred and seventy one people were killed in accidents at work in the year 2010/11. That's 17% lower than the average for the past five years. In terms of the rate of fatal injuries, the latest figure of 0.6 per 100,000 workers is 14% lower than the five-year average rate of 0.7.

It looks as if safety rules are having an effect.

  interzone55 19:43 12 Sep 2011


Your link doesn't want to work, I think this is what you meant

Working Link

  woodchip 20:44 12 Sep 2011

Just posted this in another thread above. under Just a Thought

OK you asked a Question, Just think about this one from when I was in Wales Last Week went to Betwis-is-Coid no Idea if that's how they spelled it, but hears the point about a BUS one of those that take old bidis out for a outing pulled up lets them off with front Near Side tyre showing that it was Half Bold had tread re-cut so that canvas was showing, when son in Law told him that is bus Driver about it, he said that there was two tyres on the back, worse than the front one. That's why you see buses down in a Ravine on TV with Lives lost

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