And He Was!!

  gardener 18:17 11 Jul 2010

What a perfect name for this man:

click here

  zzzz999 18:40 11 Jul 2010

Reminds me of that old Sunday night favourite 'That's Life' who had a wee series of finding appropriately named people for their job. In my opinion the winner was an Antiques Dealer named Robin B*stard

  johndrew 18:42 11 Jul 2010

Obviously the cheap bar (and it is very cheap) and the expenses are just too great for him to cope with. Sounds like a good case for a good kick up the backside.

How about no expenses and no pay for three months. Should act as an incentive for better behaviour.

  morddwyd 19:38 11 Jul 2010

Definitely been there, done that and got several T shirts!

  bri-an 22:29 11 Jul 2010

Wonder how many of the rest of us would still have jobs if we were drunk AT WORK??
Still, it's only in the 'House'!!

  jack 10:55 12 Jul 2010

diminutive Mr Speaker is trying instill a little discipline in the chamber - particularly at PMQs
[Though I consider this to be more a little bit of theatre than serious with individuals asking prepared questions and the PM reading from prepared responses]
One suggestion was Red and Yellow Card system.
I would go further - name taken in public and banning from the chamber and even fines for persistent offenders - Ya Boo politics- show our parliament up in a bad light I feel.

  bri-an 11:19 12 Jul 2010

"for me when being drunk was part of the job"

Remember that next time you're in a hospital or something and the surgeon's been having a 'session' as you so delightfully put it. Presumably your 'job' was of such little significance that being drunk didn't affect anyone! (;-)

  ronalddonald 11:57 12 Jul 2010

Sack him i would bloody irresponsible what s he teaching our children

  ronalddonald 11:58 12 Jul 2010

hes a barbaric alcholic

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:48 12 Jul 2010

'hes a barbaric alcoholic' he felt that he could not vote I would say that he showed considerable restraint under the circumstances and therefore could not really be classed as 'barbaric'.


  bri-an 14:42 12 Jul 2010

"..he showed considerable restraint.."

I wonder if his constituents will see it that way?
And that was only HIS recount of events, remember. Maybe he was just incapable.

But, as I said earlier, it's only our legislature, so who's really bothered! It's the price we pay for supplying cheap alcohol in the Houses of Parliament.

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