He deserves it surely.?

  Uboat 20:25 22 Nov 2010

what a idiot! IMHO he deserves ALL he gets! joke or no joke! we ALL know where the line is drawn!

click here

  Forum Editor 20:47 22 Nov 2010

"We want to establish what constitutes a menacing communication, what should be the level of intent required for the offence to be committed, and whether or not Paul's message was sent by means of a public electronic communications network," said David Allen Green, his solicitor

I recommend that David Allen Green reads his client's Tweet, which went like this:

"Crap! Robin Hood airport is closed. You've got a week to get your shit together, otherwise I'm blowing the airport sky high!"

Just how menacing does a communication need to be before it's illegal? As for whether Twitter is a "public electronic communications network" I'm rather lost for words - unlike David Allen Green's client, it seems.

  Uboat 21:04 22 Nov 2010

Yup a damn close Fine Line FE..

  JYPX 00:28 23 Nov 2010

What an idiot. I simply don't understand the level of support for him unless this has become a childish source of amusement for the Twitter community.
I think we are heading for trouble here (if he somehow overturns the conviction).

  Dragon_Heart 02:02 23 Nov 2010

Good ! What a stupid thing to say, some people already get very upset about flying or even visiting a public facitity like an airport or tube station.

Those shouting about "Free speech" should understand this type of thing only makes matters worse.

At least David Allen Green is getting some free ads !

  WhiteTruckMan 00:12 24 Nov 2010

that those in authority cannot pursue those who advocate hatred and violence towards those not of the same religious pursuasion with the same level of zeal shown here.

But oh no, no. that might be interpreted as racial and/or religious prejudice, and that would never do!


  Forum Editor 00:26 24 Nov 2010

Threatening to blow an airport sky-high is a fairly serious thing to do, wouldn't you think? It has nothing to do with pursuing people who advocate hatred and violence to religious groups; that's an entirely different matter.

Either we want it to be illegal to send menacing messages electronically or we don't. If we do, then people who do what this man did should expect to be prosecuted. Trying to claim that a social networking system isn't a public electronic communications network seems to me to be a ludicrous defence.

  jakimo 01:18 24 Nov 2010

A very good question!

But what ludicrous defense will be put forward for not decrying the undeniable menacing messages depicted in this weeks Panorama program

  Proclaimer 09:44 24 Nov 2010

Is that a real Airport then?

  n47. 11:25 24 Nov 2010

Yes it is.
We have these big silvery birds that glide in from the sky. They are called aryplanes.

It might be grim here, up north but we do have a little bit of progress.;-)

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