Curio 19:22 22 Feb 2008

Had my bi-annual eye test a few days ago. 18 months previously we bought a new 32in LCD TV. Super picture, High Def ready plus Radio if reqd. Never used specs for TV before. What a revelation in picture quality with my new specs. If my specs can do this, what price for the real High Def TV? Looking forward to sampling it in the not too distant future. It pays to have the eyes checked...

  Curio 13:50 24 Feb 2008


  sunny staines 14:05 24 Feb 2008

have mine checked regulary.

  anchor 14:35 24 Feb 2008

Curio: I agree 100%; people should have their eyes checked regularly. I would suggest annually, when one gets older.

These checks will also reveal if there are any eye health problems. A routine eye examination discovered very early glaucoma in my Mother, which was easy to treat.

  sunny staines 14:43 24 Feb 2008

my last one last week came up susp pituitary problem [close up double vision]awaiting blood test results now.

  anchor 09:29 25 Feb 2008

sunny staines: Hope all goes well for you.

It shows the importance of regular eye checks.

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