HD tv

  NORFOLK SPARKY 16:42 12 Nov 2005

I see that there are a lot of HD ready tv on sale do any members know when HD tv broadcast will become generally available?

  bremner 16:44 12 Nov 2005

Take a look at this click here

  NORFOLK SPARKY 16:57 12 Nov 2005

It would seem to me that it would not be woth buying a HD tv yet as I would expect improvments in quality and lower price in a few years time and by then there should be more programes to watch

  Pidder 17:47 12 Nov 2005

Has anyone seen HDTV yet? It seems to me that the present system, given a good signal, is already high enough definition. Yet another way of extracting our hard-earned?

  bremner 19:09 12 Nov 2005

I saw HDTV in the US - the difference is quality and clarity of picture is considerable.

If you saw it you would not say "given a good signal, is already high enough definition"

  Pidder 16:16 13 Nov 2005

Thanks for yours. I'll wait and see.

  €dstowe 18:29 13 Nov 2005

There is/was a Sony travelling exhibition which demonstrates HDTV.

I saw it a couple of times in Brighton.

Lets say I won't be rushing out to buy - like I wish I hadn't bought my DAB radio (which is now in a cupboard, unused).

  bremner 18:31 13 Nov 2005

"Lets say I won't be rushing out to buy"

I ama interested to know why becasue as I said above I was very impressed with what I saw in the states.

  €dstowe 20:35 13 Nov 2005

Not keen because the equipment is very expensive and the improvement in visual and audio quality doesn't justify the extra expense.

  jz 20:50 13 Nov 2005

I've heard that the version of HDTV that will be broadcast by satellite or terrestrial is a bit over-compressed, so the picture isn't as big an improvement on standard TV as you might think. Still pictures look great, but things blur quite badly during a pan.

  [email protected] 23:24 13 Nov 2005

There are 3 standards of HDTV:

720p - 1280x720 progressive (60 FPS)
1080i - 1920x1080 interlaced (30 FPS)
1080p - 1920x1080 progressive (60 FPS) (FPS = frames per second)

The vast majority of 'HDTV ready' TVs available today only support the lowest spec of the 3 standards - 720p. This means that when HDTV content is the norm, your TV will be resticted to a significantly smaller resolution and you will not gain the full benefits of HD-TV.

Some High Definition Examples if you want to see for yourself click here


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