Having a tooth out

  Graham. 23:54 14 Jul 2009

I have a problem tooth, second from back lower left. Tried antibiotics, but still painful to chew that side, so it looks like it has to come out.

This will obviously leave a hole. Can my dentist plug it somehow? How will I clean my teeth without making it bleed?

  tullie 23:59 14 Jul 2009

Why worry about appearance if its at the back,use mouthwash for a couple of days until its healed.Surely youve been to a dentist before?

  sconedd 00:04 15 Jul 2009

Hi Graham
I had the same problem as you, with the beginning of an abcess, top back tooth right hand side. My dentist is private now, so I he gave me two options and prices first for root canal surgery plus cap £687 or extraction £58, you can imagine which one I went for. He told me not to clean my teeth for a day or so, and rinse out with salt water 3 times a day. After 3 days the hole in my gum is nearly healed, how quick is that!. Hope this helps, good luck. Sconedd.

  ened 06:49 15 Jul 2009

Follow the instructions regarding aftercare especially Lazarus The 2nd advice about salt water!

I didn't and it prolonged the discomfort/pain for weeks.

  Kevscar1 09:09 15 Jul 2009

Well I had my first smoke within an hour of having them all out and never had any problems.

  Armchair 09:26 15 Jul 2009

If it was right at the back, I would have it extracted. That's what happened to my two upper wisdom teeth. No pain at all, just bleeding for about 24 hours, and the gums heal over in time.

Yours isn't right at the back, though. I would ask about having the nerve removed and the tooth filled. I've had this done on two teeth, and I still have them years later. It normally requires two visits to carry out, and the temporary filling they put in place between visits can drop out, lol, but in the long run I think it's the betetr option.

  jakimo 11:45 15 Jul 2009

Until you have it out use Clove Oil for relief,applied with a cotton bud,never fails.

  I am Spartacus 12:36 15 Jul 2009

When you have a tooth extracted the blood forms a clot which gradually reforms into bone and gum tissue. However if you get a 'dry socket' where the clot dislodges go back to the dentist who may pack it with an antibiotic material that helps the healing process and re-formation of bone and gum tissue.

The dentist should give you a leaflet that explains the after care procedures.

I recently had the option of root canal work for £780 or an extraction for £40, being a cheapskate guess which option I took.

I also had a 'dry socket' when I must have dislodged the clot when cleaning my teeth.

  I am Spartacus 12:38 15 Jul 2009

Just to add the quote for £780 was for root canal treatment and a crown.

  Graham. 13:57 15 Jul 2009

OK, appointment booked for 4th August. I've put it in my diary: 'Tussy peg'. Thanks for all the replies.

As for smoking, I stopped 25 years ago after the doctor said either stop or start taking tablets for blood pressure.

  Armchair 14:33 15 Jul 2009

Had no idea it was so expensive. I'm in a dental plan, where I pay a monthly fee.

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