Have you voted yet?

  WhiteTruckMan 21:01 03 May 2007

if not then theres still time-just. So get off your backsides and get down to the polling station. Even if theres no-one you fancy you could spoil a ballot. Which is about as near as you could get to abstaining at the ballot box.

Voting is a rare privilige in this world. Dont take it for granted, and if you dont make an effort you cant complain at the outcome.


  Brumas 21:08 03 May 2007

Did it this morning WTM. I personally think if you do not choose to exercise your democratic right to vote i.e. can't be bothered - then your right to vote should be taken away from you!
Use it or lose it!

  octal 21:09 03 May 2007

I always vote, but I can't this time around, pity.

  Kate B 21:22 03 May 2007

No elections in London, but I always vote.

  Jak_1 21:23 03 May 2007

I voted this afternoon.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:25 03 May 2007

Yes went out about 19 30 and cast my vote.

Now I'm entitled to moan about what they do or don't do as the case may be.

It really annoys me when people moan about the council / goverment and you ask "Did you vote then in?" and they reply "No I couldn't be bother to vote last time".

  BigAl127 21:50 03 May 2007

Yes, went at lunchtime. Lets hope my change of habit, makes a difference for once. {Holds breath - but not for long}

  Armchair 22:04 03 May 2007

Yeah, voted at 7.10 am, on the way to work. Labour always win everything here anyway, though.

  €dstowe 22:12 03 May 2007

I voted this afternoon.

It was very disappointing that peeking over and looking down the lists of voters at the polling station there was hardly anyone crossed off as having voted.

I was also disappointed with the selection of people to vote for - 2 Conservative, 2 Liberal Democrat and 1 Independent. I remember that previous election where there were about fifteen people standing for election including Greens, BNP, Pensioners Party and other oddities. Perhaps that was when I was still in London, though.

  Koochy 22:19 03 May 2007

I don't see the point in voting as "the Government" always get in and never do what they say they will do.
I know i have just painted a large target on myself and await the onslaught.
The one thing thing i have learned from M.P.s is how to tell when they are lying - Their lips start moving.


  Spark6 23:41 03 May 2007

I'm with you on this one. Look around, how does one become a 'professional' politician? Attend a public school and go on to advise, big cough, a more senior colleague! Our House of Cards is due for a major shakeup, but don't hold your breath.

I haven't voted today. Why? Simply because politicians, of all flavours, have their own agendas and they disregard the hopes and aspirations of the electorate.

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