have you seen signs of a recession

  sunnystaines 09:47 19 Jul 2012

down south apart from the housing market being flat, the shops and coffee cafe's restaurants etc seem to be doing very well.

Just spent a few days in York,seems be booming was very surprised to see lot of blocks of flats being built and houses being refurbished, again shops and restaurants packed with shoppers as if it were the sales or xmas shopping season.

made us wonder if it is just hype in the media about the recession being far worse than it is.

anyone one with similar views or seen different.

  SimpleSimon1 10:01 19 Jul 2012

Try walking through Newbury town centre or Reading or Letchworth Garden City - there are still large numbers of closed-down shops. It may not be as bad as some parts of the country but even though there may be plenty of shoppers around, I'd be interested to know how much they're actually spending!

  Aitchbee 10:16 19 Jul 2012

As a daily user of public buses [First Bus] I've noticed that it has been increasingly difficult to get a downstairs' seat.I can only put this (my observation) down to fewer buses on the road and/or the decline of car-ownership. (both being a result of 'belt-tightening').

  SimpleSimon1 10:17 19 Jul 2012

Well, they certainly coincided with the recession and a it could be argued that lot of places which closed-down were somewhat marginal, at best. For example, what genius decided that Hawkins Bazaar needed a High Street presence?

Having said that, there is certainly a shift to OOT/OnLine shopping and I guess that was a significant contributory factor.

  Quickbeam 10:37 19 Jul 2012

"have you seen signs of a recession"

If anyone hasn't, I assume that they have a Swiss bank account and are still ordering their groceries from Fortnum & Mason.

  Al94 10:46 19 Jul 2012

Very obvious signs in many parts of Ireland north and south.

Numerous hotels closed or in administration Many empty units on high streets and in shopping centres. House prices still falling Roads noticeably quieter especially at weekends Reports of caravan parks/hotel occupancy well below normal levels for this time of year Difficult trading conditions for pubs/restaurants - many closed. Substantial cut back in flights by airlines and holiday companies to many destinations.

  Condom 10:50 19 Jul 2012

Our town centre has loads of empty shops yet builders have just started on a new shopping complex that few people seem to want. Went into Birmingham yesterday to get my Visa and the shops at first seemed to be very busy but when you looked closely few people were carrying anything so either they were out for a lunchtime stroll or just window shopping. As a side issue I went into the Apple store to get my phone charged and while I was waiting I noticed that most people coming into the shop were met by a shop representative standing beside me and they seemed to be complaining about faults with their phones.

  sunnystaines 10:55 19 Jul 2012

we were just so amazed at how many people in york were packing out the restaurants, coming out of high end fashion shops with the logo carrier bags stuffed full, even a lot cars were posh end rangerovers, audis etc. We could not grasp how york was more like a posh chelsea/bond street location rather than the lovely town it used to be.

we had the impression before going up north that the north had been worse than the south but it seems the opposite to us.

  oresome 10:55 19 Jul 2012

York has suffered it's fair share of shop closures in recent years even though it attracts many tourists.

The shops are often re-let fairly quickly, only for the new business to cease within a year or so.

  carver 11:22 19 Jul 2012

Your statement is a bit like some one saying they haven't noticed any difference when shopping in HARRODS. It all depends on the area you vist, come to the area I live in at Sheffield and you would think we were in the middle of s boom. Drive for 3 miles and the amount of shops that have shut will Doon change your mind

  carver 11:25 19 Jul 2012

Doon? soon, stupid phone and predictive text

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