Have you a licence for that computer sir/madam?

  Sapins 09:23 23 Mar 2005

According to a recently published Green Paper by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport proposals include not only retaining the licence fee but extending it to computer users as well.

The paper says " The means of collecting the fee may have to be changed - so that it became, for example, either a compulsory levy on all households or on ownership of PCs as well as TVs"

How will they detect a computer in use? Monitor your phone line?

This proposed legislation raises some interesting points.

  wiz-king 10:47 23 Mar 2005

Shops have to notifie the gov when they sell you a TV do the same for computers. The number of people that build their own is a small pecentage of the total and not worth bothering about - any way the ISP's could give them a list.

  Sapins 11:33 23 Mar 2005

OK, but what do you think of the proposals, are you happy to pay another licence fee?

  AndySD 12:23 23 Mar 2005

No I am not happy about it....but we live under a labour goverment so you must expect to pay....lol

  Sapins 12:42 23 Mar 2005

I think the news has been released quietly and if they are re-elected the government will be able to say we told you about our proposals before the election.

  Sapins 12:46 23 Mar 2005

Don't know what happened there, I hadn't finished my post, and it's double posted:-(

I was going to add that it is good to know that the French government are not likely to go down this route as they are actively working towards abolishing the TV licence anyway. Having already got rid of the vehicle road tax.

  pj123 13:11 23 Mar 2005

And here are some more comments:

click here

  wiz-king 13:14 23 Mar 2005

No, but I dont like paying council tax either, or any other tax for that matter. Put it all on vat, at least you cant avoid that so easily! Charge everybody the same and throw them in the workhouse if they wont pay!!! Come the revolution-- Oh that was 1984. I think we have missied it.

  AndySD 18:18 23 Mar 2005


No goverment GIVES us anything..... everything has to be paid for out of the taxes we pay. So perhaps the tax on the people who own their computers is to pay for Labour's proposed computer in everyhome.

  Noldi 19:39 23 Mar 2005

My Idea is the have a reasonably priced licence for everthing icluding Radios in Cars, Route finders, walkmans etc all gadgets, then that is it finished they cant come back and say you have had a this gadget for the last 10 yrs but now as we dont have to do anything we want you to pay us X amount this year. Problem is some dead wood in the heart of Whitehall got paid very good money to think of that. what about a licence if you have 2 Jags, that would go down like a lead ballon.


  Forum Editor 20:25 23 Mar 2005

when discussing this kind of thing, politically biased comments are creeping into the thread. Please resist the temptation to make comments of a political nature - it isn't necessary, and means that your post will be deleted.

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