Have you experienced any flooding?

  Forum Editor 17:36 07 Jan 2014

I had to attend a meeting in this road in Oxford today. It was quite an experience - I ended up abandoning my car and wading 200 yards in my wellington boots. This was just outside the city centre, but the countryside on every side of the river was flooded wherever you looked.

I really felt for the people whose houses were being flooded, and I got to wondering if it's happened to any of you, either now or in the past?

  Quickbeam 18:12 07 Jan 2014

That's certainly dedication FE!

I'm lucky and live on some of the highest ground in the Doncaster area, but only 7 years ago, we had the worst of the 2007 floods all around me. Seeing the grief that caused will certainly make me aware of possible flooding should I want to move to another area.

  woodchip 23:16 07 Jan 2014

No problems for me as I live on a slight hill

  spuds 00:02 08 Jan 2014

No problems for me, but about half a mile away one of the local river's burst its bank and left quite a number of horses in 4'00" of water, which resulted in a urgent rescue and removal plan. This as happened on a number of times previously.

  Forum Editor 06:42 08 Jan 2014

Yesterday was my first 'live' experience of being in floodwater, and it made a big impression on me. I realised how powerless we are when faced with millions of gallons of dirty water leaving a river and inundating the streets.

The river through Oxford was a frightening sight, it had over-topped its banks in several places, and flooded roads, carparks, and buildings.

  mole1944 06:49 08 Jan 2014

I thank goodness live high up, but my heart goes out to those effected, long after the news headlines have subsided they will be cleaning up and there insurance excess will rocket.

  sunnystaines 08:31 08 Jan 2014

not had any flooding but lost a lot of tiles

  Quickbeam 08:56 08 Jan 2014

looking back at some pictures I took in 2007, I see that what was a bit of fun for the dog on my countryside doorstep, was a domestic disaster only two miles away.

I wouldn't wish flooding on anyone.

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  Mr Mistoffelees 10:16 08 Jan 2014

The village we live in, in The Vale of Taunton Deane in western Somerset, is in the rolling hills east of Exmoor and south of The Quantocks and we are fortunate to be safe from flooding.

For nine years, until may 2012, we lived in Langport, not far from Muchelney where they are currently marooned. If we were still in Langport I think we would be worried.

  wiz-king 11:27 08 Jan 2014

Not yet but the local underground river is showing signs of movement. Last time it really flooded and appeared above ground was in 2000 when the road was closed for three weeks.

picture The water level in the chalk aquifer that feed it is almost at it highest level ever recorded.

  TopCat® 17:09 08 Jan 2014

Our bungalow is situated in a cul-de-sac near the bottom of sloping, housing developed ground. The first we knew of any flooding problems was when I awoke to find water pouring from under my boundary wall and also rising up through a nearby lawn. This was shortly after we moved into the property and after a few days of heavy rain.

This torrent of water continued to run alongside my garage outer wall, building up to a depth of about three feet before it then ran out under the back gate, down my drive and into the street. There is a drain installed by the garage but it failed in this instance.

The following summer of that year we dug out and installed a double length of proper-for-purpose, plastic tubular land-drain from the boundary wall, under the lawn and back to the existing drain. (This drain was blocked and took a great deal of effort to clear it - no rodding hole built into it to use.) After properly covering and protecting the land drain we backfilled the trench. A year or so later on it was paved and asphalted over. Been fine ever since over the years, thank goodness. :) TC.

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