Have you ever had.....

  Legolas 12:07 25 Dec 2010

A Christmas card from someone and you have no idea who they are? The last two years we have received cards from someone called Margaret and another from someone called Amy neither of which we can place. There are no surnames to give us a clue.

  Big L 266 12:33 25 Dec 2010


Legolas....I get it every year. I opened one of the cards last year and in it was a cheque clearly for a young person. Since it wasn't for me nor my neighbour,and as there wasn't a return address,I wrote directly to the named bank on the cheque and told them it had clearly come to the wrong address. Not a word of thanks either from the bank or the sender.I've also had someones timetable for bowls turn up in the post.

I also received a formal wedding invitation from the same people and returned it to the sender. I didn't get any response to that either. Now if anything turns up I automatically send it back via the post box 'Not known at this address'. I wish people would keep their address books up-to-date.

In case you wonder why I open letters not in my name,I rented a flat some years ago where every letter was from a debt-collecter, bailiff or Court for previous tenants one of whom ran up a mobile phone bill of nearly a £1000 and another who'd had a loan of a couple of thousand.I routinely opened letters which come to my address but can't be asked any more.

Big L 266

P.S.So much for my trying to be helpful.

  Legolas 12:41 25 Dec 2010

In our case the cards are definitely for us as they have out names on cards in the inside but we can't place the senders.

  Big L 266 12:45 25 Dec 2010


legolas....I see. I'll bet you've wracked your brains over the past years trying to think of who they are. I wish you well in placing them.

Big L 266

  uk-wizard 12:50 25 Dec 2010

Every year! I get mail for someone who lives in a house with the same number a couple of miles down the road. I blame the councils for this, why they have to have a straight road that runs through several villages and keep the same name through each none I dont know. As you drive up the road its Godstone Road Purley, then Kenley, Whyteleafe then Caterham and finally Godstone and just to confuse things South Godstone! All with similar numbers. I have had 'for sale' boards put up, a load of logs delivered, an enormous fridge-freezer left outside.

  birdface 14:35 25 Dec 2010

Yup.Someone put a card through our letterbox this morning and have not got a clue as to who they are.
They got my Name and the Wife's correct.
So a bit of a mystery to us.
No doubt we will eventually find out and we will be able return the compliment.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:03 25 Dec 2010

Someone put a card through our letterbox this morning

sounds as if they are "local" then

  spuds 17:25 25 Dec 2010

Doesn't the postmark give abit of a clue?

Could it be ex-workmates,nephews, nieces etc?

We have a new postman, and over the past couple of week we have been re-directing mail,after asking around.

  ams4127 17:25 25 Dec 2010

Slightly different thing with me....

I have just discovered today that one of the people I to whom I sent a card, died from cancer last August.

I can't contact her relatives because I don't have their addresses, so will just have to wait and accept any flak which comes my way.

Very distressing.

  Forum Editor 10:26 26 Dec 2010

from people I don't know. My wife seems to know them all however, so I don't worry about it.

  peter99co 12:04 27 Dec 2010

I've just had Rebecca tell me she has a new phone.
I don't know anyone called Rebecca.

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